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As much as I enjoyed the gameplay and the puzzles, I feel like the secret ending made no sense! I didn't really understand it ( I wont spoil anything ) but that may just be me. I feel like it could've been depicted differently? I still enjoyed the game a lot and the normal ending was pretty good!

I really enjoyed this game! all of your games deal with some issues like in this one, and I find it kinda comforting :) I hope you continue to make more games like these!

my name is alex and im bi so this really is a great game for me ! ❤

i cant seem to find a way to get to the cheese/ice chest :(

super late, but if you just dont help anyone and get all the chests then go fight him then Illi kills him

its really no problem! the game was amazing either way !

I use windows, and when she was done making the potion (the vegetables) and put on the clover, the whole game froze and didn't unfreeze, so I had to restart.

um when I enter the dog's house I get stuck by the front door and can't move or go back, and have to reset the game. Is there any way to fix this?

it was such a nice game, but  unfortunately, it froze about 20 minutes in so I didn't finish it,, but the BGM is really calming and the game is so beautiful.

this game had no reason to make me cry like that :,^(

this is really an amazing game so far! but for some reason I cannot get past the first chapter, where they talk  about their books together. It wont let me swipe or do anything. even if i reload it

oh man,, that ending

yes!!! you're back bb!!

love the art style <33 cute story too!!1!1