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(1 edit) (+2)

+ Nice art style

+ Nice soundtrack

-I can't read the font

-The credits are only onscreen for about 1 second so the unreadable font is made more unreadable

-I was small, but could not go through the small door? EDIT: Turns out you don't interact with it, you walk through it. That's not very obvious, as you have to interact with it for it to say you're too small, but walk to use it.

-The text should not phase in letter by letter in a time sensitive game, it should be instant. The time you spend reading should be dictated by reading speed, not game speed

-The interact sound is really... Painful, I guess?

-Hidden spike pit sucks. I feel cheated by that. There was no way I could've known what was down there. but I was killed anyway. It feels like a sick joke.

thank you so much for playing my game, sorry that you had some bad experience, the spikes part is a little trap, it's kind of unfair I know it now.

I'll keep working on this game stay tuned for more updates after the voting time.