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For some reason i cannot see the second page (or any page after the first) of the Devlogs subforum. Every other subforum that has more than one page works fine, but when i clock on the devlogs' "Next page" link i get a "There was an error with your request".

I am using Firefox 42 if that helps. The URL the forum tries to open via that link when it fails for me is "https://itch.io/board/10021/devlogs?before=297"

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Same error with FF 42.0 on ArchLinux

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Firefox Developer Edition, works for me (C&P'd that link into my browser). Could be a session-based issue, have you tried flushing your cache / deleting cookies?

FWIW it seems to be fixed now (i didn't do the cache/cookie deletion thing because i didn't want to lose existing sessions in other sites).

Very likely session-based. I do wish Firefox let us delete stuff for individual domains, Chrome's control over that kinda stuff is much better :(