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I started my my devlog  for Error Ware 2 in this board in 2016 (thanks for mentioning it OP!) and I'm still getting views (about to hit 5000) and a few  comments. Since the "real" devlogs started, I copy the new post to the new devlog  as well, but I've no idea how many people actually see the posts there. 

Is there any way to see the views on the new devlogs?

If I'd know that visitors actually read the new devlog, I'd be OK with fully switching over to the new system, but it would be a shame to lose all the old posts I made (50+) before I started the copy + paste.  It would be cool if my old posts can be archived (making the board read-only?) somehow without me having to manually copy all the old posts over.

Personally, I like the Devlog feature on GameJolt better right now since you can  easily see how many people interacted with the post  and its more visible on the game's page (on page it's all the way on the bottom and only text links, on GameJolt you see  the Devlog button right under the header with previews.


Hey, thanks for the feedback. I definitely agree that devlogs need more visibility on the project pages. I'm working on some updates that should hopefully get them more attention. Based on the feedback I've gotten in this thread, I don't think I'm going to remove or archive this board anytime soon, so you can keep doing what you're doing. But I do want to focus on making things better for the built-in devlog feature.