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I read your first short-story visual novel, "the penitent" and I must say, I am absolutely DELIGHTED to hear you're making the sequel I was so desperate to see. Thank you. Though, forgive me, as I prefer to only play completed games, so I will be reading this when it is done.

Good luck, this has made my day, the first game genuinely pulled me in and had me loyaly invested for more <3

edit: screw it, can't wait, downloading and playing the incompleted version now.

NOOOOOO why isn't the download working T_T


Hey there! 

Our BG artist was incorrectly credited and I needed to fix something in the script to retain the spirit of the game. 

The new and corrected builds should be up now! Sorry for the delay.


I also forgot to mark this game as 'released', so that's been fixed now!


Oh, thanks for the response! No prob at all, hehe, am just so excited to play!!