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Lovely demo, thanks for sharing it!

Just came back to replay and am going through some more memorable games, to make sure I've rated them. Am so glad this one's had my rating for a while.

I FINALLY found this game again. Just replaying through some old, memorable, indie visual novels. I remember it being short and to the point, with endings that made sense. I think Balrung was my favourite, but I guess there's not much competition lolol, unless you like morons... Whoa, actually, there's quite a lot of competition, now that I think about it XD Isn't that a thing for some people? Anyway. I remember the MC being unique, which I LOVED. She was really fun to play and watch, since she seemed to be incredibly irritating in-world, but thoroughly entertaining for me from behind the screen. Thank you for posting this game (though it's been quite a while) I'm now off to replay it.

I've been enjoying all of it!!Thank YOU for making it! I only know one other person whose art and ideas get me so excited, and it's mainly because I'm biased and have known them irl for a long time haha.

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Just replaying the game with the latest update.

(yes, it's been a while, haha... ha...... so sorry it took so long T_T I've never forgotten about your game, I swear, it's far too memorable for that)

I'd like to mention something... I'm not sure if this is because I've played through the whole thing BEFORE the update, but now when I open the game, the locked route (it's locked when I have to pick between love interests, so that's all working good) shows up when looking in the gallery. As in, the locked love interest's name appears, even while locked, on the right of the gallery, to select which character's photos I want to look at. Now, this might just be me, but I thought to mention it to you just in case... it IS a spoiler, after all, and you might have wanted that to be revealed later than just any newbie coming in and looking to see how many CGs they will be wanting to unlock.

Anyway, I still love your game! I open it up and the music, mixed with your unique art style combine to create such a unique feeling... it's really quite something, and I think now that I'm back, I can finally tell how much I've missed it. Thank you for creating it.

Edit: I'm a fucking moron. Septem's route is literally on this page. I'm so sorry. I just remember not expecting him to be the last route, first time I played, so I got confused. Please ignore me.

Your idea for how Battler could have been the culprit for the first murders is actually so damn smart, I never would have figured it out T_T How can there be a whole community of such incredible people on the internet? My faith in humanity has been restored by your post lol

I just finished this game. Oh. My. God. Brilliant!!! It took allll the hints for me, lol, to figure out who the culprit was, but BY GOD was it was still satisfying! Ngl, that's likely because I'm just really shit at figuring mysteries out in general, so any level of success counts as a victory for me lolol.

I... Acc haven't played any of the Umineko episodes. Nor had I even heard of them, until now. I don't even really play mystery games. But I had it downloaded one day while browsing through some visual novels on here because the description probably made it seem like an amateur passion project, and I love to read those. 

But this didn't feel even REMOTELY amateur. It may be just because I'm unfamiliar with mysteries, but the puzzles felt genius and the way you utilised the forum posts was bone-chilling. Not to mention how the realisation at the very end about everyone else on the forum hit me. 

Absolutely no regrets, despite how unnerved it had me feeling by the end. Freaking loved this. I hope you have a damn good day, whoever's reading this.

I don't even need to play the game to tell you that I freaking STAY! Refusing to be with someone willing to do everything for you (and capable of doing it- man's a duke. That's gotta mean money, right) for the low low price of my dignity and freedom? Woof woof, baby, independence who? In this economy?

Oh, this is so exciting! Thank you for updating us~^.^

Again, thank you so so much for making this game. It's still a touching presentation of femininity to me and the healthy relationship dynamic is healing to remember.

Good luck on your main project! I am very eager to see how it turns out!

A late response from a face-less mob fan character, here.

THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING AAAHHH and sorry for scaring you with the spoiler thingXD I just put it there in case anyone else wanted to read my comment before playing the game lol

Lovely read. Am heartbroken by the fact that this is a demo, but life goes on, I suppose T_T

Good luck!


All the hints on MC being kinda bird-related have not been missed.

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Spoilers. Spoilers everywhere.

MC was delusional, which could have oh so easily turned into an annoyance to the readers... but it was explained so well and made into something so understandable, that it made her seem stronger for it.

There was a sudden tone shift in Cerim's battle with the demon lord because the music changed drastically... But it wasn't jarring. It felt dramatic and well-placed, because of the opening motif. Well done. Also, even more about the climactic scene, Cerim legit was made to seem cool. With Reo narrating WHY Cerim was cool, MC showing such intrigue and Cerim's own poetry making a very bold statement, I was absolutely floored. 

I'm so used to shit-post visual novels, or otomes that are a sinful indulgence in chiches and tropes- and this one indulges in tropes and cliches, alright! But it felt like it was done masterfully.

I am so happy that I played this game, I am so excited that I've found something like this. 

Thank you so so much for making this game, I had SO much fun, it was unreal. Thank you. I am definitely going to check out the one game of you guys which I haven't checked out yet (Haha, I just realised I'd also played your muder mystery game and "The demon lord is mine")

I hope you have a great day, Anta.

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Oh, thank you so so much!!! It's an unexpected but very pleasant surprise that I was responded to.

edit: Yep, I usually respond in around 10 days, just now realise that might have come off as rude, I'm sorry.

On another note, I FINALLY COMPLETED THE WHOLE GAME, WOOOOO, THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!! The sadistic nature of the game, with it not having any saves or rollback, definitely made me hate my life a few times, but that's probably part of why this whole thing felt like I had to complete it XD

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Found the game and played it. I still refuse to delete it from my laptop, it is an absolute work of art, I can't forget this XD

I am in desperate need of finding the remaining Achievements.... This is HIGHLY UNLIKELY, but if ANYONE sees this, any time at all, Idc, could be in ten years...

Please tell me how to get the "Meet the demon", "Good ending" and "night saved" achievements.

Haha, looks like we're both slow to reply XD And I definitely will wait, 100%!! Good luck~


Good luck, dude. I can definitely be patient for something this cool, take your time.

Unlocked all the CGs. If only we got more of a feel for the boys... Anyway, it was definitely nice to always be able to see how a choice affected the affection with a guy. Nice.

Thank you so much!! I'll get right to it!

On the right of your screen, whevever you're on a game page, you will see a bunch of text buttons. Click on "Rate this game" and there you go.

Omg, he was amazing XDXD Am still wishing for Rayner to appear as a love interest some time <3

Y E S S S!!

Have played all routes. Gotten all endings and fallen in love a full four times XDXD Your games are the only ones in which I ALWAYS fall in love with Every Single Bachelor... Thank you. 

Am just missing one CG and am getting increasingly frustrated, but hey. At least I made it.

Any help?

The CG I'm talking about is on the 5th page of the CG screen and the second down on the left collumn... Or the first one on the second row down, I guess XD


Thank you so much. I first played the Valentines otome and am looking forward to catch glimpses of that badass MC here, as well as fall in love with a bunch of bois alllll over again. THANK YOU!

No problem! Good luck if you ever revisit them and good luck in your current endeavours!!

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Loved the narrator XD Ace desserves more for the line "His emotional blockages have emotional blockages" and Kel's snark makes me feel things XD 

Amazing ending, by the way. It's rare they feel satisfying to me, but there was absolutely no problem for me with this one. The intimacy felt special and like we as readers finally got everything this story had been working towards. Thank you, it was wonderful.

Edit: Oh, and hope you have a nice week!!!

Damn, thank you! Will keep all that in mind, have already followed you!

Good luck on the game!! Still waiting and happily so <3 Gives me something to look forward to ^.^

Good luck working on it~ I'm still here and remmeber this game!

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Defnititely good luck, I will be happy keeping myself up to date with your released projects ^.^

Edit: Speaking of keeping up to date, any places I can find you guys online? Where should I look for you?

It legit has, thank you again.

This ending is the reason I have trust issues.

This is said with love- Screw you. You made me cry.

I see only one monster in this story and that is the person who made the ending. Pure evil.

XD All in all, good game, had fun trying to figure out alongside Ilona who did it. Am very happy with the experience even if this game is the very reason I'm UNhappy.


Man, I've really struck gold, haven't I? XD Of course, you're welcome, thank you once again for making it!!

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"I EARNED THIS DAMN DATE!" Has easily become my favourite quote from a damn visual novel EVER- and as strange as it is to say, this story was deeply touching at moments. 

Maybe it's the relatable readiness to give up on everything from the main characters, or Maggie completely winning me over and making me fall in love... But it was something I appreciated beyond "haha, funny depressed gays struggling and NB rep." 

So thank you. 

All the characters were genuinely memorable for me and that almost NEVER happens- least of all in murder mysteries, because authors just cram in as many red-herrings as possible!

Also, the art was heart-warming to look at because of the colours and (sorry, hope this doesn't seem rude, honestly saying it will all the endearment I have in my heart) rustic feel.

So once again, thank you. Hope you have a lovely week, month, year- whatever XD



Oh, thanks for the response! No prob at all, hehe, am just so excited to play!!

Game is on indefinite hiatus

Guys, let's not keep bothering the creators with the same question, they probably won't want to keep answering it and eventually start ignoring us.

The self-depreciation was relatable and I'd wanna know what makes the character like this, haha. So, cool game.

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I read your first short-story visual novel, "the penitent" and I must say, I am absolutely DELIGHTED to hear you're making the sequel I was so desperate to see. Thank you. Though, forgive me, as I prefer to only play completed games, so I will be reading this when it is done.

Good luck, this has made my day, the first game genuinely pulled me in and had me loyaly invested for more <3

edit: screw it, can't wait, downloading and playing the incompleted version now.

NOOOOOO why isn't the download working T_T