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Hey cool, do you have a link to your game ?

I don't want to mix images (some from my pixel artist, some from, because most players would complain the graphics are inconsistent. There's momentum with each release and I don't want to ship a half-baked game.

Regarding mixing letters and graphics, the two backends are distinct; I can't mix both. The letters aren't graphics: I really am drawing text using a bitmap font; so the code differs from drawing graphics.

If you want to have access to early builds, I can add you to my list of betatesters, to which I usually ship versions one month or more before an upcoming release. Would that suit you ?

my game:

how to play:

wasd moves

left mouse button shoots (infinite ammo)

right mouse button lauchens grenades (they are consumables)

u can change weapons by going above a weapon on the floor and pressing "e"

your life is on the upper left corner. you can recover it by picking up "food" or "health packs" that are dropped by the enemies u kill

obs: the game has sound

the art and sound used were acquired from free sources

i'm thinking about putting it on what do u think?


i knew u were drawing text. but there is a very simple way to mix them. get images of the text

my suggestion to get images from opengameart was a temporary solution until the artist finishes drawing 

i do want to have access to early builds. thanks :)

Cool, you can put it on itch; but I would recommend a more friendly place for first timers: GameJolt. I had much more feedback on GameJolt, because I think it's more friendly towards "real indie" games like ours. There are so many games on that the competition is fierce.

I'll happily add you to my list of betatesters if you provide me an email.

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is there a way to send a private message? i couldn't find any

i would rather not put my email for everyone to see

You can find my email address on my twitter description (on the left):