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1. I made this game because I wanted to play such a game :-)

2. I'm using Java as the programming language with libgdx as the graphics library and a number of my own libraries. libgdx is plain awesome for an experienced developer like me.

3. I'm doing this game on my free time but I'm a professional developer!

4.  This is very kind of you but I'm not looking for development support. I'm looking for support 1/ for translations (besides German, Italian, and French; for which I have translators already) 2/ maybe for pixelart in the near future, and 3/ for advertisement (but you did a lot commenting here already ;-)

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i would gladly translate to Portuguese (i'm brazilian)

in a similar topic, some of your english text is wrong

in descriptions of runics, where it describes what would happen if you applied it to each item, it says:

"...increases BY 10%..."

when it should say "increases TO 10%"

Thanks for the translation offer :-) It is noted!

Regarding the text, I believe "increase by" and "increase to" have different meanings; I use "increase by" to denote that the existing amount is increased by some additive value; whereas "increase to" would denote the total right away. I mean: 5 increased by 10 is 15, which corresponds to "increased to 15". Or did you mean that I meant "increased to" in the text ?