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I didn't have an account, but because I want to leave a comment, I made it XD As a fellow Indonesian, I want to help you a little hehe

1. My favorite would be Reksa, because... I don't know? Lol He's just so cute HAHAH He puts stern and sour face, but he's very affectionate and I really like that wkwk

2. I downloaded because I was bored as hell LOL I actually had seen your game in since months ago, but only played it now, because I dislike... how to put it... tribal and traditional settings? But I'm not disappointed :)

3. I really like it. I think it's really worth reading. It's fun to know and be familiar with both language in this VN wkwkwk At first, I dislike the tribal and traditional settings, but now I really, really like it and the characters that now I almost don't want to read another VNs with modern settings! HAHA And I want more Reksa! I find -cough- his tradition of mating -cough- really interesting... COUGHCOUGHCOUGH

4. Hm... Throughout my VN playing hobby, I really find it weird that the quality of the character sprites are a lot better than CGs. Oh, I know that drawing IS hard, I'm sorry, I can't even draw myself! But just I just hoped that CGs have consistency and quality. I know tho that drawing high quality CGs are hard... I'm sorry...

Also, I don't really remember which ones - because I played the last two characters skipping seen dialogues, but some scenes are not really flowing. I'm sorry I can't specify which ones!

When I played my first character (it's Mitra) and when it finally got to Rama-killing-the-Komodos scene, I was really confused. Was it Mitra's route I was pursuing or was it Rama's? It is one of the main plot, I understand, but it really stood out in another character's route, and it made me frowned for a while. I think you can smoothen major plots involving another main characters next time so it is not really stood out and shadowing the in-route character! But I think, it is just me... playing too many same-structured other otoge VNs...

And other players point out the grammar errors... and I must say, I feel you! XD I'm really bad at grammar, but just do your best! 

5. Ah... I can't support anyone via Kickstarters and Patreon and other web, I'm sorry! But I CAN definitely buy the finished VNs if you put it on Steam, I have my ways hehehe Depends on the price and my wallet, that is...

I think that's all? And good luck working on the other projects!! I'm really looking forward to Bermuda (I will have a hard time moving on Mitra, Rama, and Reksa tho) and Queen's Crown (your artwork is amazing, especially your character sprites)!

P.S. I got really curious, and did some stalking... You live in Tangerang?! We are so close!! I live in Tangerang too because I'm in uni rite now XD

Hi, PangHerHeart! Wow, fellow Indonesian! Makasih bnyk ud dtg & komen yaa x'D

1. Reksa once again prevails lol. He's still the most popular out here ~

2. I'm glad to hear it didn't disappoint you :'3 thank you for giving it a chance!

3. Oh lol, unfortunately the rating needs to be maintained at PG15 *I'm too shy to write more about the mating ceremony*cough* happy to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly!

4. Yup, I know >< my quality control is not that good yet -hence, I'm trying hard to upgrade the quality in Bermuda :'D and it's okay! Thank you actually, I like constructive comments!

As for Rama's scenes *SPOILER ALERT*

Yes, he's part of the main story. Remember the nighmare Tamara had? Sari was encouraging Tamara to save Rama or he'll succumb to the darkness in his heart (You know about Sari's true identity, right? And what happened if you didn't enter his route). Also, his 'crazy' streak will need some 'venting' sometimes so the poor Komodos became his victims.

But yes, I get what you're trying to tell me >< I admit that some scenes feel out of place --I'll do a better job intergrating the routes next time! Thank you for the heads up :'3

5. No problem at all! Just knowing you like my VNs and willing to follow to Bermuda is already a gift for me ^.^-  oh and I'm doing th CGs in Queen's Crown x'D the sprites sre done by someone else ~

And yes! I live in Tangerang lol. Which uni are you in? I was in UMN Gading Serpong but I'm working freelance at home now ~

Thanks you again and hope to see you around!



Hello, SweetChiel! I'm sorry for the very late answer >.< I wanted to reply sooner, but I just kept forgetting. Hope you are doing fine, and sama-samaaa wkwk XD

- I'm sure Reksa was born to be popular lololol But the other characters are charming also! It was just so fun figuring out their character hehe Rama is so fun to talk to, even if with his... sad past.

- I'm glad I gave it a try as well! And I'm glad you made this game!

- PG15 haha lol No problemo, The tradition was just unexpected and interesting. I just think there are more in the universe! Hope I can see it someday~

- Aaah yeah, I know about the whole Sari and Rama story, and you make it a lot more sense. I think, I was not paying attention very well (since I was playing it in a Semester Test night LOL (I didn't study in the end, anyway... sooo...)), but I still think you can smoothen it up. Still a good job tho!

- Oh no, oh no. You only draw the CGs??? I'M SO SO SO SORRY. It's been long since I played the demo, and I only played it once, since I don't want to overplay it before the official release. I just remember that you are one of the artists, and the artwork is so nicely done! I'm sorry for not rechecking!

I'm in holiday right now, so I'm back in my hometown ^^ But I go to UPH, it's quite near haha

Your welcome!