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This is an extremely well made game. The graphics are astonishing, the aesthetics are perfect and the puzzels where really challenging. It took me around 9hours to finish it because i got stuck near the last two levels. It tested my patience alot and i had to keep restarting to complete the levels because i always ended up messing up the level to states where i had no idea what and where everything is suppose to go! 

One of my main fustrations of the game was when I exited the game and thought it didnt save my progress, this was because the button for continue was not very clearly marked(I reolised there was a continue button after i finished the game). Since i was already really far into the game (i think i was around halfway) i decided to start again and in no time i was back to where i left off so i wasn't too bummed out. 

 Some of the interactions between the characters was also kind of lost to me since it was shown by pictures. It also ment i was really confused to why i was collecting random objects from people. I soon understand at the end. Another thing is the fact that collums had to be seen to be lowered or raised which ment i had to restart levels when i accidently lowered a collum situated in the middle too low. 

I am extremely suprised that this game is free as this feels like a game you can get on steam for a decent price. If I had money this would definietly be one of the games i would tip for. Overall I give this game a big thumbs up, Good Job Creators!

Hey thanks for playing and taking the time to write so much feedback! It really helps me to see where I can improve and how certain things work or don't work with different players. Some of your criticisms were also expressed by other players and I answered them here in the comments. Thanks for the thumbs up!

.. and whoa - 9 hours! Wow! That's long! Glad you sticked with it and finished :)