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This is an extremely well made game. The graphics are astonishing, the aesthetics are perfect and the puzzels where really challenging. It took me around 9hours to finish it because i got stuck near the last two levels. It tested my patience alot and i had to keep restarting to complete the levels because i always ended up messing up the level to states where i had no idea what and where everything is suppose to go! 

One of my main fustrations of the game was when I exited the game and thought it didnt save my progress, this was because the button for continue was not very clearly marked(I reolised there was a continue button after i finished the game). Since i was already really far into the game (i think i was around halfway) i decided to start again and in no time i was back to where i left off so i wasn't too bummed out. 

 Some of the interactions between the characters was also kind of lost to me since it was shown by pictures. It also ment i was really confused to why i was collecting random objects from people. I soon understand at the end. Another thing is the fact that collums had to be seen to be lowered or raised which ment i had to restart levels when i accidently lowered a collum situated in the middle too low. 

I am extremely suprised that this game is free as this feels like a game you can get on steam for a decent price. If I had money this would definietly be one of the games i would tip for. Overall I give this game a big thumbs up, Good Job Creators!

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Wow this is amazing! Even though it took me quite a while to reolise i had to change pitches to make the platform go higher this was a good game. The concept was really intrigueing and I'm sad that I'm not able to tip you for your great work. This game also left me with many unawnsered questions wich I am curious about such as what where those people at the start? and what where the green boom boxes for? But overall a great game keep up the good work!