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  1. I think this is the 4th time, I started following the game after the first native Linux builds, 0.62 in DD19 I think? Pretty sure I was the one to request the port back then.
  2. About 1 hour maybe, I wanted to clear the game but died a few times at first and then got almost killed at a boss and had to use some cheesy strats to beat it, which took some time.
  3. After clearing the game, as in getting to the sandbox level at the end. Will probably play a bit more later to unlock at least one of the other breeds, as they seem to be locked again.
  4. I think there's more freedom in the creature design now. Before the change I was usually placing that one obligatory eater somewhere safe, usually the rear, and ignoring the skills they provided in fights, as losing the eater would often result in a situation where you'd need to break down your creature (usually mid-combat) just to be able to eat again. With the new changes you're free to place them wherever you want, or where you need those special defensive skills they provide, like protecting your melee combat zooids with electricity and such. Overall it's a positive change, though the eating part feels like a secondary function now, so the name "eater" feels now a bit misleading maybe.

I'm concerned about gameplay value people get from this game and how much replayability it has. The game lacks tweaks in this regard so I hope it's going to be just right. I'm happy about your thoughts on eater change. Thanks again!


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