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Comments (with the preface that I played the pre-update version):

1) It would help if there was an option to turn off sound. Because I play these games while multitasking, the sound can be obtrusive. 

2) There's nothing (change in cursor, change in color, movement, tooltip text, etc) to indicate when you're hovering over or pressing a button. 


1) Yeah definitely see that, it was planned but I didn't get time to add the toggle button script on Sunday, since Sunday was also the time I added sounds haha. Events were also not supposed to be as frequent as they were, they were supposed to be like 1 every ~40 minutes so it would be a lot less annoying, and since they are miss-able I wanted to be sure to alert the user that there was an event.

2) Yeah that's something I had thought of, I needed to change how the buttons work to make it possible :/