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Welcome to the 9 Day Idle/Clicker Jam

As a newer genres of games, they have risen in popularity in recent years due to the growing mobile market. The Idle genre encompass' games where you spend time both playing and not playing the game in order to make progress, and the Clicker genre are games you Click or tap on something to progress. Often these genre's are combined, for example having auto clickers as a purchasable upgrade turns a raw clicker game into an Idle game! Some good examples are Neko Atsume, Cookie Clicker, Green the Planet, and Plantera. With more unique takes on the formula like Super Crash Planet!

What are Idle and Clicker Games?

For this jam we define an idle game as:

  • Games where progression can be obtained between play sessions.
  • Interaction with the game is used to change the way the non-play progression works.

And for a clicker it is: 

  • A game in which the player progresses by clicking or tapping on something.

That's It! Go wild with all the other details! 

About the 9 Day Idle/Clicker Jam

The goal of the jam is to create an Idle and/or Clicker game in 9 days from start to finish, and use all your stills to produce a finished product for others to play! 

The Rules

  • Follow the jam concept/theme. The game should be an Idle game!
  • Any engine can be used.
  • Game assets, unless Public Domain(CC0), must be created during the jam.
  • Show common sense and common decency towards others.
  • Have fun!


  • Watch your scope! The game should be a full game, not just a gameplay prototype!
  • Don't stress too much! Remember you have 9 days!
  • Don't overwork yourself!


You can hop over to The Game Jammers Discord! To chat and talk about game development! Use #9DayICJam on Twitter to share screenshots and updates!


Join over on Crowdforgeto find a team to work with!


  • Can I work with a team?
  • I'm in a team, can my team rate other games as well?
    • Yes. Just make sure they're listed as Contributors on your game.
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Help Butt the Bloob on his adventure around the word!
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A clicker/idle game where the player creates a pyramid scheme.
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A clicker game, about collecting and feeding animals.
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A very silly game about getting huge
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Idle RPG Game made for the 9 Day Idle/Clicker Jam