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I've been trying to make a game for a while now, but my pixel art just doesn't turn out as clean as yours. How do you make such good pixel art?

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Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

Firstly, I don't feel like it's that good; people seam to like it for some reason; I'm really not sure why. I mean I see I'm improving but I'm nowhere near people who draw professionally (most likely never will be). Makes sense I guess, they spend orders of magnitude more time on drawing, probably since childhood or something.

As for your question: I recommend* 3 things (assuming you're a beginner) that work for me:

1. steal** palette from some pixelart you like (the less colours the better, 4 is nice number but anything from 2 to 8 should be good to start with)

2. use a small sprite size: 8x8 or 16x16.

3. if you're unhappy/tired of something just save it on your hard drive (or wherever), forget about it, discover few months later and release with some tweaks as "not that bad after all" - this might be a terrible advice, but this is what I do (might be the reason why I never finish anything) :)

* - also I guess asking an actual artist might be better idea - I'm just a programmer who sometimes draws;
** - stealing is good (don't quote me on that :D), also:

First of all thank you for the assets, I love all your work! The style is beautiful so don't sell yourself short :) Also, I appreciate the response you had to that question, most people simply reply; "Just practice" and that is true but you put some heart into the reply. I too have the problem of not being able to pull off pixel art that's "good enough". By the way, I know this was 265 days ago lol but whatever! Take care

Thank you!

fwiw "just practice" while concise is also a precise and correct advice.

I still only draw sometimes (not every week even) but I see some improvements on my end in those 265 days! 

Take care!