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Hello~! So I've actually played your other visual novel, "Legend of The Winged Ones" and I really enjoyed it! It was fun to read and pretty to look at, it was also paced out very well! I played it a long time ago, and just recently I came back to this website to find a new visual novel to play. Then I found this gem~!

At first, I didn't even realize this was also made by you, I read what this was about and it interested me. I clicked on your profile and then realized you were the same curator for the other visual name mentioned prior. I went back to the download page, downloaded it and began to play immediately haha.

I played as much as the demo could offer within a day, and of course it ended right when it was getting good XD. I enjoyed each character so much, that whenever I played it over within my head for which I may want to go after first, I seriously couldn't decide. I love each one of their personalities and their character designs (right now Arya and Gunter are winning in my heart, but Kah'lil is still close behind). I also love their names hehe.

I honestly cannot wait for there to be more of the story that I can see haha, I'm definitely staying for the rest of the journey to completion for this one. Keep up the beautiful work~!

Hi Iciio! Thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment!

I'm really flattered to hear my VNs managed to catch your fancy twice >///< and without you knowing lol 
You even came back and made an account just to tell me this! You really made my day x'D 

I still have lots to learn and I have rooms for improvement, but I'll do my best so your wait will be worth it!
And of course, thank you for loving my characters! The bachelors in Bermuda don't have any particular arrangement, so pick whoever you want first and enjoy yourself! x')

Lastly, welcome aboard to the journey!
You can read my update every Monday or maybe join the shy crew that lurks in the shadows/bushes and eat cyber cookies while waiting x'D
Either way, I'm happy to have you! 

Stay tuned & see you around!