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Hello~! So I've actually played your other visual novel, "Legend of The Winged Ones" and I really enjoyed it! It was fun to read and pretty to look at, it was also paced out very well! I played it a long time ago, and just recently I came back to this website to find a new visual novel to play. Then I found this gem~!

At first, I didn't even realize this was also made by you, I read what this was about and it interested me. I clicked on your profile and then realized you were the same curator for the other visual name mentioned prior. I went back to the download page, downloaded it and began to play immediately haha.

I played as much as the demo could offer within a day, and of course it ended right when it was getting good XD. I enjoyed each character so much, that whenever I played it over within my head for which I may want to go after first, I seriously couldn't decide. I love each one of their personalities and their character designs (right now Arya and Gunter are winning in my heart, but Kah'lil is still close behind). I also love their names hehe.

I honestly cannot wait for there to be more of the story that I can see haha, I'm definitely staying for the rest of the journey to completion for this one. Keep up the beautiful work~!