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This is a guide to achieving every ending for satisfaction (or in the case of the GameJam, for judging the game!)
SETUP - Most endings require the following

-Grab the dart gun from under the bookshelf at the foot of the bed

-Grab the darts from the shelving unit (they're on the bottom row)

-Go to the right of the shelving unit and interact with the 'ghost darts'

-Interact with the new darts to climb onto the unit

-Drop down from the top of the unit onto the rightmost top compartment to find the nail clippers

-Use the nail clippers on the guitar to get string and craft grappling hooks

-You can use these grappling hooks at three points in the room. They're hard to miss

Ending 1 - Through the Door

-Follow the setup steps

-Climb onto the shelving unit and jump onto the bed. There is a key behind the pillow. Take it.

-Use the grapple next to the door and interact with it.

Ending 2 - Out the Window

-Follow the setup steps

-Jump from the shelving unit to the desk

-Drop onto the chair, then jump onto the PC unit beneath the desk. Grab the key.

-Make your way back up to the top of the desk. There is a shelf that you can drop down to on one side (quite hard to miss)

-Take the tape from the shelf and jump back up

-Interact with the plane

-Interact with the lock on the window (may require a jump)

-Use the grapple on the wardrobe/closet

-Interact with the green plane prompt

Ending 3 - Into the Window

-Follow all steps of ending 2, but don't pick up the key or interact with the window lock.

Ending 4 - Into the vents

-Follow the setup

-Grapple on the wardrobe/closet and climb up

-Grab the screwdriver

-Interact with the same grapple again to avoid falling

-Go on top of the shelving unit and do the grapple there, then interact with it

Ending 5 - In the Rucksack

-After firing the darts to make a ladder to the shelving unit, jump onto the desk.

-Go around to the other side and do a running jump from the edge of the desk. Strafe around the corner of the wardrobe/closet to land on the shelf, then interact with the rucksack.

Ending 6 - At Least you tried

-Follow the setup and grapple up the wardrobe/closet

-Jump off.

-No seriously, just jump off.

Ending 7 - Mousehole

-There's a door in the corner behind the desk. Go through it