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I played this game in 2 sessions for, I'd say, a total of 3 hours. I just finished it, and it left me with an urge to open my wallet, which doesn't happen that often for a "Pay what you want" game, esp. made for a jam:

  • It played with my damned impatience just the right way. Had to rethink the puzzles more than once, and always managed to make it just when it started being frustrating (with solutions often easier than 1st attempts).
  • It's beautiful, for eyes and ears.
  • At first I thought the game would play with optical illusions, a bit like Fez of Monument Valley, but I'm glad it didn't and found its own way, and sticked to it.
  • I know it's one of those games I'll remember and it will pop in my mind with an urge to replay it.
  • The game being made for a 2 weeks jam is just mindblowing. At no moment did the game feel like it. It felt like any indie game I could buy from Steam, hence the urge to give money for this :)

However, there are things I wish were made otherwise:

  • Columns can be raised/lowered only if their side is visible, which often is not the case because other columns hide them. Same with handles on rails, which moreover go outside the view. The problem is, it sometimes felt like it was part of the game mechanics, but that was more annoying than anything else. Or this is only how interaction is, and I wished it was handled in a different way: perhaps grabbing the column top square, or with a free mouse rotation (instead of 90° steps with keyboard).
  • In some occurences the puzzle implied I had to find some special columns containing stairs or other elements, and as I can only randomly find them (plus, with manipulation issues said above), I thought it weakened the general gameplay.
  • The way elements moved with left/right mouse button wasn't always obvious on rails and horizontally sliding blocks, because of the level rotation. Maybe their left or right move should fit the left or right button used? Perhaps it is already, in which case: oops! No problem with vertical move though.

But I'm not complaining, again it's a jam game and the work done in 2 weeks is absolutely amazing.

Hey there, thanks for playing! That's some great feedback, I agree with most of it, especially the horizontal handles. I wanted to design them differently for the reasons you mentioned, but time was running out, so I sticked with a non-ideal, but working solution. 

Thanks for taking the time to write such detailed feedback! :)