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Hey Guys,

I downloaded the game and had trouble launching it as the openal.dll (i think) was missing which I fixed and finally got round to having a play. I really liked it. The graphics are neat, the audio added a lot of atmosphere and I liked the combat system as well.

Can I ask a question, Are you the artist formerly known as fourthpixel? The reason I ask is becuase your village in the intro looks so very similar to the one in the video below


Either way, well done.

and good luck,


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Hi WobblyFootGamer,

when installing the game normally a popup shows which installs OpenAL which is required to play the game. I don't know what went wrong, but I am glad you managed to play it either way. No I am not fourthpixel ^^, the reason it looks similar is that I used some assets/models form an asset store, as I cannot create everything by myself. He just used the same assets. 

By the way would you mind using this link ( instead of the one you have in your video description for downloading the game and removing the direct link? I have more freedom to present my game on the website. Would be awesome!

Thanks for your feeback, hope you to see you playing the second chapter when it is out :). Stay tuned!


It wasn;t a problem for me working out the fix but I really enjoyed TFC.

Oh yes, open source assets. I'd  forgotten about them and I hope I didn;t insult you with my comment. That's the last thing I want to do and I've made the changes as requested and if you need anything else changing then just let me know.

I look forward to keeping updated on the games progress as you've done a great job so far.


wobblyfootgamer :)

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