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Put your files into a folder and .zip that, not the files themselves. Every fucking demo. First menu leaves good impressions, lack of sound is very obvious though. The options menu doesn't appear evenly spaced. Unless the game is entirely mouse controlled, which it isn't, let me press Escape to go back in menus. Transitions between types are too slow, use 0.3s. First time entering the building mode bombards me with loads of types and their descriptions, my memory is shit, which makes me forget all of them, it's much easier when they're introduced, and used, one by one. On hover text stands out from UI in an inconsistent way. I forgot what I pressed to enter the growth mode, indicator for that at least initially would be helpful to keep. Don't tell me how to do things in growth mode without being in it or needing to do it, I'll forget within 10s. I would be helpful to see my orientation when building. I'd prefer relative movement to absolute as a default. Escape doesn't bring up the menu. Space is a bad choice for growth menu, I keep using it in an attemp to use boost and there's no rebinding. The MENU button makes it feel way more like a cheap mobile game. Death screen is very basic. 

Seems like a 90% complete title in terms of polish. I'd keep playing if it was maybe 50% faster (make the game speed an option?). You'll do fine.