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Hey Mrdrnose. Congrats on your game getting featured on some pretty big youtube channels such as GTLive and Markiplier's channel! Also just a thought, could you add some numbered hot keys into the game? You know, 1, 2, 3, 4 could be used to select items as a secondary option then using the mouse wheel. I'm suggesting this because right now I'm currently using a laptop, and scrolling for items using the track pad is a b***h enough on its own. Hope you read this and consider my hot keys recommendation, because I really want to beat your game (and I can't do that by scrolling with my track pad for items, as you already know).


Thanks! And i'l add hotkeys to slots.

But if that big channels can found things like Albert, RUST or Freek-a-del'ka, this will be more interesting and funny. I hope someone can find other secrets like this.

Hey, thanks for replying to my comment! I'm glad that you're gonna put those hot-key shortcuts into the game, so maybe I'll be able to beat it next time but who knows¯\_(ツ)_/¯. And also, I agree that those channels should try to find those secrets, just to see how they would react.