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Thank you for raising your opinion and giving feedback. It's awesome to see you like it. On to the issue,  does your game always sit slightly sit above 30fps? We could probably edit the auto graphic feature to only occur if you fall below 25fps instead of 30fps. Have u tried the middle graphics setting? It looks close to the highest graphics it's just shadow distance is reduced and a few minor tweaks. (nothing too noticeable).

Is your PC/laptop set to High performance mode.  This might help eliminate the problem alltogther too. 

Thank you

 Contact us if you still get problems. 

thanks for replying :) i havent tryed the medium setting yet, ill try that and see if it makes a difference, if there is a way to override the auto adjusting thing, that would completley fix this. Like if there was an option to enforce the graphics setting to run no matter the fps. Thanks again for replying so soon! :)