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Well, I enjoyed playing your game. The colors and the music blend really well together to create that dream-like athmosphere denoted by the name of the game. The puzzle component is really good and it really makes you think a bit about your decisions.

But, I felt that your game lacks the story component. It is so minimalistic that the puzzle component overwhelms it. And if you don't read the game's description you can't really tell the goal of the player from within the game.

Overall, great experience! For a two-weeks time of work, this is really awesome. If you want to tell a story through your game, make that story pop. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the kind words and the feedback! I see how the minimal story might not be rewarding for each player. I wanted to tell the story without words so people from all backgrounds can follow along. It might be too minimal, but I also received some positive feedback about this. I think even if, like you said, the puzzles overwhelm the story bits, the game still works as a puzzle game. But yeah, I'm sure it  could be done in a better way. :)