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Now it's much better cuz you have a bit of time to think, just like for a chess move. Great job!

Yeah, I guess that will make it. Since you have to think a bit before the cars come in.

Unique idea... haven't seen something like this before. Nice job!

Fun idea, but poorly implemented. Cars are coming way too early from the moment you start the level and you don't have time to arrange the intersections the way you want, plus... the sliding thing to change the directions is not working pretty well... clicking would be way better.

Yeah, sure! Ok, first, I think that a good improvement would be to shot a bullet whenever the player finishes to type the letters, because is kinda weird that you shoot 5 bullets and each one of them is a miss and only the 6th one kills the enemy :D. Another thing that is pretty weird is if you shoot with only one player but miss some letters and you don't shoot with the other player at all. Then the player who didn't shoot wins. I guess in that case it would be more intuitive that the result would be a draw, and also some kind of time pressure would be good to avoid haing endless matches :).

And another advice would be to work work work. Play a lot of games and analyze them, see in which way they are good or bad, get a lot of inspiration. Also, a good idea would be to browse and review games.

And also, focus on giving the player a lot of feedback, visual or audio. Help the player understand the game. What resource I can recommend to you is Mark Brown's Youtube channel, He talks a lot about game theory.

How much programming do you know? Because maybe that's what you have to focus more on.

Nice idea and great work, but I did't like a few things.

First, it would be nice to have some visual indication of when the plants will grow.

Second, at some point the game becomes punishing and not fun anymore because the plants spawn faster and faster but the player doesn't get "stronger" in any way, so at some point it becomes pointless to even try and stop the plants from growing.

Man, congrats, this game is really fun! Love the attack mechanics you set up.

Well, you said it, not me, but this game is really bad. :D

Interesting idea and I appreciate your work. I guess that with a little bit of polish and a multiplayer feature this would make a really fun game. :D

You should really learn more about game development. This could hardly be called a game, I'm sorry to say that.

For a quick game this is really fun :D

Nice idea for a game. Good job!

The idea of the game is super cool and the premise has the potential to make the gameplay super interesting. The overly simplified aesthetic of the game and the background music create that atmosphere of loneliness.

Great work overall, but there are a few things I didn't like.

The controls. They just feel too clumsy. The roll isn't responsive enough and I didn't feel like it was doing something.

And there is not enough feedback for the player. I feel like you should notify the player in some way that what they are doing is either good or bad.

While playing you always know that you are going to die at some point and I felt that my skill or my interaction with the game wont play a significant role in keeping the player alive.

Hope the feedback will help you for your future projects. Keep up the good work and keep learning. Have fun developing!

This is really what you intended it to be. "Perfect for quick play sessions". The minimalistic graphics make you focus entirely on the gameplay and that servers its purpose very well. Also the controls aren't clumsy in any way and the game overall is pretty solid. I'll definitely come back to it while in queue for a LoL match. :D nice job!

Hey, thank you very much! Really appreciate you enjoyed it!

Well, I enjoyed playing your game. The colors and the music blend really well together to create that dream-like athmosphere denoted by the name of the game. The puzzle component is really good and it really makes you think a bit about your decisions.

But, I felt that your game lacks the story component. It is so minimalistic that the puzzle component overwhelms it. And if you don't read the game's description you can't really tell the goal of the player from within the game.

Overall, great experience! For a two-weeks time of work, this is really awesome. If you want to tell a story through your game, make that story pop. Keep up the good work!

Even though the gameplay was very simplistic, you really managed to create the athmosphere you were aiming for. That combination of dark-ish color for graphics and the "abrasive" background music really created that depression-like athmosphere.

And keeping in mind that you made this in just 48 hours... wow! This is really amazing.