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There's a game very similar to this one but it's multi-player without chat.


what game is it?

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Good question! It's been 4 months since I last had it but it was here on last time I checked. Basically, it's a deer in the forest type of game with no dialogue but has multiplayer capabilities. The deers horns/symbols change based upon what action the user takes and there's emotes. I remember it having some form of  vague puzzle-like element to it, but the entire game takes place upon a one map area so far.

The  visual difference between this one and that is that NIVA has a zelda-like cartoon graphic about it, where the other-game looked more of an UNREAL engine.  Haven't played the NIVA yet, so as far as its interactions are concerned not sure of., but both take place in a forest and stars a deer.

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I think you are thinking of the non-violent magical deer forum art game "The Endless Forest", by Tale of Tales (prototype 2003, main release 2005-2009).

It has a rerelease called "Second Decade":

Not to be confused with Deer God, a 2D platformer in a voxel style.