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In the built-in Party Line game, the first clickable command result has a typo:

prompt knock on $this

should be

prompt knock on {$this}

otherwise it prints "$this" into the transcript. Only pointing out the nitpick because the example is supposed to teach the syntax.

Consider adding  a thumbnail / cover image! For example, a creative commons image related to the idea of a time travel, or nanotech

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Consider adding  a thumbnail / cover image! For example, a creative commons image related to the idea of a road ... ... or perhaps a detail from one of the images that you use in the game?

The description says that it is available on Mac, and I see a version 1.0 mac download, but nothing for 2.x. Will it no longer be available for mac going forward?

I ask because in part for personal reasons, but I'm particularly interested in using it for teaching, and there cross-platform availability is crucial, or something cannot be used -- especially for remote instruction.

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This is tagged as made with Twine. Is that right? (Edit: aaah... I see!)

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When installing from the Itch desktop, there are two options -- A Witch's, and Only the second one will Launch on macOS -- the first fails with an executable-not-found error. The downloaded files are identical except for the receipt.json.

Perhaps the first download option should be removed, or they should be renamed to explain what they are?

This game is listed as Win / Linux only -- that means it cannot be installed via the itch desktop client on macOS, even though it is a browser game. Is that intentional? I just tried a test download via the website, and it seemed to work on Chrome on macOS just fine -- at least, on quick inspection.

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I think you are thinking of the non-violent magical deer forum art game "The Endless Forest", by Tale of Tales (prototype 2003, main release 2005-2009).

It has a rerelease called "Second Decade":

Not to be confused with Deer God, a 2D platformer in a voxel style.