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SEEVN 2 – Visual Novel Maker & Player

Make your own VN, dating sim, quiz game without coding, share it and play! · By WCU

Will SEEVN 2 have Mac builds?

A topic by jeremydouglass created Nov 18, 2020 Views: 183 Replies: 5
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The description says that it is available on Mac, and I see a version 1.0 mac download, but nothing for 2.x. Will it no longer be available for mac going forward?

I ask because in part for personal reasons, but I'm particularly interested in using it for teaching, and there cross-platform availability is crucial, or something cannot be used -- especially for remote instruction.



That's very interesting! If you could share more on how you use SEEVN for teaching, or any feature that could help you please let with us know.

Unfortunately our MacBook passed away and that's the reason we haven't updated it. Next month we'll have a new Mac to compile SEEVN 2, please check again by then.

Thanks for your feedback, you can also contact us at



Good news, the latest version for MacOS is now available.

On my macbook pro Big Sur v11.5.2 , it won't let me open it.

You are not authorized to open the "SEEVN 2" application.

neither sudo upx -d /Applications/...

nor "SUDO xattr -d"

nor "GateKeeper Helper v1.2.2"

I'm dealing with the same problem, did you have any solution for this that ended up working?