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First - thank you for mentioning the elementals. Was just this morning stuck in a fight where I couldn't figure out why these two bozos (the vine guys) just weren't dying. I had thought that you got the best element out of all equipment you had, but maybe that's not true?

Anyway, I can return the favor - when you run away, the game puts you back right *before* the fight, so you can respec and go back in. (Just swapped my VI grass with a IV fire, and suddenly those two just went down like chumps.)

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Only the passive ability "[element] Added " gives you that element on every ability. Otherwise, your element is determined by which ability is active at the time. If you're ever unsure, you can check the status page in the menu, or look next to the character's name in battle to see which elemental affinities they currently have at that particular moment.


That makes sense, thanks!