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That makes sense, thanks!

First - thank you for mentioning the elementals. Was just this morning stuck in a fight where I couldn't figure out why these two bozos (the vine guys) just weren't dying. I had thought that you got the best element out of all equipment you had, but maybe that's not true?

Anyway, I can return the favor - when you run away, the game puts you back right *before* the fight, so you can respec and go back in. (Just swapped my VI grass with a IV fire, and suddenly those two just went down like chumps.)

A question regarding the "more cargo" vs. "more speed" - is the intent that you should only be keeping cargo on that platform? Because I've been stashing stuff all over the place, and I have the sneaking suspicion that the "fast" ship has more nooks and crannies to stuff cargo into.