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Calling the whole thing Prototype might be underselling where it's at somewhat, yeah. I'm still not sure how hard to push the Diagnostic View mode's filters and its gameplay at the moment (how difficult was it to walk the corrupted path down to the Core Memory portion of the tutorial scene?) but it is more than just a framework as-is I suppose.

I look forward to your impressions as the project develops. There's a lot of ground to cover (for instance, the entirety of the introduction isn't in right now) but I hope to finish it up with 1-3 hours of gameplay.


Once I understood that I just had to look for the next light, it became a very straight forward exercise. The 'invisible' path was brilliant! I really like the screen effect you used here. It feels like the invisible road appeared at the exact moment that following lights scattered about became stale, which is a testament to good pacing. Following down the path wasn't hard at all, but it became a little boring by the time I'd reached the bottom, as I got used to the effect. I don't think just shortening it would do it any good though. Perhaps making it more of a challenge to descend the path could solve that issue.