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Nice work Shibey. Solid worldbuilding/narrative stuff as usual. I liked how you were going for a bit of momentum based platforming with the slide move. Nice run cycle as well.

I think the platforming felt a little rough. You could have a slight period after the player walks off a platform where they can still jump (And not do the double jump). I think the spike hitboxes could also stand to be slightly smaller, or the player hitbox slightly smaller to leave a bit more room for error.

I feel like the ziplines should conserve your momentum, at the moment they just cause you to slow down.

I think in a momentum based platformer it might be better to have the player's attack hitbox be a circle around the player rather than in front.

You could consider having a slight invulnerability after respawning -- in the boss fights I found myself getting killed and then immediately getting killed again.

I felt like the wind was a bit too strong, running against it made you a bit too slow.


Hey there! Thanks so much for playing, and all the great feedback. You're spot on about the hit boxes, both moving and attacking. Those are on the top of my list for a post-jam reworking.

I agree on the ziplines, they're functional currently, but don't feel great to use. I'll have to try and rework those. The wind does also need another look... you can actually cruise right through it with the right combo of moves, but I doubt may players will have the interest or patience to figure it out... so as it currently stands, it'll just feel like an annoying roadblock.

I think I will probably add the brief invulnerability as well. I found the multi-death thing kind of funny, and it didn't really get in the way too much, so I left it in. But that probably wasn't a good choice haha. (At least one player in the jam comments saw the humor in it, so I feel slightly validated.)

Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback, it's big help! I'll be doing an update (with a "secret" stage 7&8) sometime this fall/winter, and I'll definitely be doing other tweaks, updates and polish too. Hoping for Devtober, but my work schedule is crunched so I'm not going to commit just yet.