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Nice job ... when will the real version?


thank you. It will be an ongoing project with constant updates. Patreon Supporters get to decide what should be included next :)


But you have to be a patreon supporter in order to learn about the updates right? Tbh with all the stuff about patreon It's a bit weird how you don't just make everything paid to play and only people from patreon even get to know what you do.

It is sad that I can't find too many femdom, futa, foot fetish, or what ever games out there, however maybe most of them are full on patreon supporters only, because the stuff doesn't get seen too much people abuse it and take advantage of it? I kinda figure it is a little bit like freeniume games, they become free to play, but their real target is the small number of people that pay outrageous amounts because they become addicted, but here they cut out the middle man and just make people pay for everything.


You can't find too many femdom, futa and foot fetish games because there aren't any.  Don't know what you want to say with that comment to be honest. All my games are FREE to play, if you want to know about the process, be involved in the development and know what is coming next then you can support me with 2$ on Patreon. If you want to get the new episodes a week or two earlier, you can pledge a bit more.

My patreons support me so that they get more of my stuff, I'm doing this all alone, and without the support of my patrons I wouldn't be able to work on it like that. 

I don't even get into your freemium games comparison, what a pile of bullshit...