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As you can do some pixel art i'll need you, just gimme time to start a new thread.

ok well contact me whenever you can and ill see what i can do :D

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what exactly do you need me to do? consept art or animation or just sprite editing. Also what program do you use? i use construct2

also animation and big pixel art images is one of my more... say... wobbly skills. i work my best at low ish res pixel art.

Animations of some sprites shall be great, and i use Unity3D

ok sounds good but i use construct 2 are these two sites compatible?

I think yes, a sprite is only a sprite.

ok thats fine.... bad news... i have like 50 other projects to work on and i tend to take on more then im capable so i will try and help but i dont know if i can do this. im relly sorry mani want to help but i took on too much again. just tell me what you need done and i will see if i can do it kk?