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Every character is unique and has depth, which is pretty amazing with so few words. The art and animations really add to the gameplay and story. The music seemed to be pretty authentic gameboy style, and always felt fitting (I look forward to the full OST release!). I love that when played on mobile, the buttons are provided at the bottom half of the screen - like playing on a real gameboy!
My only wish was for a save feature, since I got half way through on my phone and when I opened the page the next day I had to start over. And it would be nice to go back and try to find a final piece of something I missed. But overall, I loved this and it got some mud on my heart - great job, team!


Thanks for your kind words and insight on our game.

There actually is an autosave feature in the game but I haven't been able to get it to work on my iPhone either. It should work in the browser and I *think* I tested the rom on an emulator and it worked there as well.

But, yeah, the phone implementation has been a bit iffy.