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First, you should know that I love every kind of 4X, strategy or management games.

So I really happy that you made a demo version that we can try out. This is a very rare things nowadays! 

So I tried out the demo, and...I really-really-really pissed of, because of the HYPE you pushing; that your game is BENDING THE 4X GENRE! It turned out, that I don't play a SINGLE SECOND with your game, because I literally rage-quit at the character screen, and immediately deleted the whole thing!

The reason(s) why:
The text is so small, that it is Impossible to read anything, so I switched to the smallest possible resolution, because IN EVERY SINGLE GAME EVER, if you use smaller resolution the text become LARGER. I don't know what happening in your game, but the text are the same incredibly small. Literally just made out of  2 or 3 pixels and they smudged (antialiased, regardless it is turned off!). I can't even imagine what happens if I switch to larger resolutions...Maybe it is recommended to use an electron-microscope to read the text?

I started the game with the tutorial, of course, and it said if I move my mouse cursor over something it shows what it is. So I moved the cursor over a trait, and it started to write out the text about that trait, and about the 3rd row of text, the already incredibly small text become even smaller! What? Can you tell me how we supposed to read that text that is LITERALLY just a smudgy spot on my screen made out of 2-3 pixels? I never see this kind of thing what your game doing, why don't you simply just using normal fonts, so they can be read?

The next thing that made me hate your game on the first place, is those so annoyingly over-bloomed  neon everything! Even the first comment on Youtube complaining about it! It literally made the whole thing ugly as hell.

Oh, and if I already mentioned the word UGLY, I tell you what is the 3rd thing (and the worst in your game) what made me "never-want-to-see-this-thingy-again".

The characters!

When I scroll through the possible characters at the character-screen, I totally understand why those kids become orphaned! 100% that their parents leave them behind; nobody want those so incredibly ugly, retarded faced abominations as their kids! Sorry, but this is the truth, they are ugly as f...! If I look at the title screen, the same that is here in the top of the page, with that 3 kid; that make those in-game character EVEN WORST! The title screen is a really masterpiece of art, I just can't believe how you managed to make them so bad looking?

I think you never will change and fix all what I mentioned, so I think you lose another customer who wanted to buy your game at first glance! Or prove me wrong!


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Thank you very much for testing the demo and sharing your point of view with us! :)
We love receiving negative reviews because they allow us to improve the game. I have to tell you that you just played an early version of the game (the problems with resolutions and texts sizes are known and will be fixed asap) so a lot of things will be polished with the feedbacks of the community ;)


Hey Gofri, 

I would encourage you to view the Open Bugs Tracker and join our Discord server. This way you'll see the work that is going to fix the issues, and you'll also be able to chat to our community who will testify to the amount of work going in. Bugs are being fixed daily, you have our promise on that. 

Don't worry though, we'll definitely be proving you wrong ;)