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Thanks for taking some time to play the game!

This does stick a little too closely to it's source - if you stand still too long in Crossy Road you die as well! It is a design feature to keep you always on your toes and moving forward. I can definitely consider your feedback though and I'm already thinking that visually channelling that you need to move forward might make that feature less frustrating. Maybe a glow that gets brighter and brighter until you move - or explode!

I'll definitely check out the GDWC - thanks for letting me know about it!

Thanks for the interest! I actually had the impression that Crossy Road has a timer that just gets extended or reset when you reach a certain distance, a bit like an endless runner Frogger. That being said, I guess the lack of visible indicator has the purpose of increasing the feel of uncertainty and making the game more suspenseful, maybe.