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I have a tiny bit of feedback on the air cruisers. I've seen/heard comments that right now they don't feel like a big threat but more just kind of a nuisance to shoot down, and I sort of agree.

It feels annoying to fire a volley of 8 MLAA's at a cruiser, just to only knock out one turret and the rest of the missiles are completely wasted because they hit the body at a bad angle and did no damage to the other turrets (I know that it's player error, and if I made sure to fire from straight above this wouldn't happen, but being forced into one attack angle adds to that 'chore' feeling of taking cruisers out).

Random suggestion: What if the cruiser's body had a set (large) health pool and every hit on the cruiser does damage to that pool, but destroying a turret/sub-system deals a significant chunk of damage to that pool (like 20% or something)? That way attacking the subsystems is still the most efficient way to kill them, but you don't end up with disappointing "misses" just because the angle wasn't quite right. I don't think any additional HUD element for the body health would be necessary, but just knowing that my shots are still doing something would make engaging the cruisers a bit less tedious.

As for the "not a real threat" feeling, I think the AA guns are the main culprit. A wide, random cone of bullets that rarely hit and only do 1-2% damage when they do doesn't give much feeling of danger. More accurate bursts that actually require evading could lead to cruisers (and ground-based AA guns) being something to actually respect and keep some distance from, rather than being able to fly straight over them without a scratch.

Just a thought to consider. I certainly don't think the cruisers are BAD in their current implementation; they're perfectly fine, but I do think they could be made a bit more interesting.


Appreciate the feedback! I think I may change the way the cruisers work so that your missiles wont simply count as a miss if it hits the main hull depending on how much that factors into gameplay. But we'll see how the community react to that change! Looking forward to your feedback on the next patch!


adding proximity airbursts from AA fire would make them more of a threat as well. honestly, the only sketchy Air Cruiser i encountered so far in there is the one in the last mission in Conquest. the one with fancy-ass railguns.