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install UE4 Prerequisites

people have been uploading gameplay videos of PW for a while now. you should be good.

tone down motion blur or just turn it off. 

install UE4 prerequisites. 

it would be nice if we can change the livery and color scheme of the aircraft. or is that already being planned on being integrated in the future?

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the game runs on Unreal Engine 4. the 1050 Ti might have enough horsepower for it to be maxed out at 720p or at 1080p with some settings turned down a tad.  you can probably max it out with 1280 x 1024, unless your case doesn't have enough airflow. 

i run it on a 1060 Ti at 1080p with everything set to the max and i get a solid 60 throughout with V-Sync on even in the midst of a multi-plane clusterfuck in Conquest.

adding proximity airbursts from AA fire would make them more of a threat as well. honestly, the only sketchy Air Cruiser i encountered so far in there is the one in the last mission in Conquest. the one with fancy-ass railguns.

try updating your graphics drivers. 

if that doesn't work, well.. you'll need a more powerful graphics card. the game runs on Unreal Engine 4.

after several attempts, finally managed to go and DL the latest version. i really enjoyed the last one and this new update with the Conquest Mode is quite fun.  i was expecting some new birds, but this'll do for now. i'd really want to be able to fly the F-15C though.

also.. in Conquest Mode, imagine my shock when Showtime Squadron showed up in well... you people will find out. all i can say that it's difficult engaging them while you're stuck with the Viggen. but doable.