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no way, no way, i beat the world record any% by 13 seconds!

end chart!

floor 3 items1 keyring of speed
super sharp sword
end time:




never picked up items:

shield, big potion X3, 1 key, and skull necklace.

floor 1 items2 keyssuper sharp sword
floor 2 items1 keysuper sharp sword

My congratulations! I'll patch the game soon (before the release of Knightin'+). Player won't be able to skip shield after that ;)

nah wtf how do you skip shield :0

Wolod let me know if there actually was a glitch cause this doesnt sound believable so far i tried everything and even so look at his 100% run times they look made up

Hey, ExoticPanda! It's not a glitch, but a little level design flaw. Nevermind it anyway. I'll upload the updated version with lots of fixes soon.

you just buy the key from the shop then walk though the door to skip shield.