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Thanks for the update!

Hey whats up Wolod! I just was asking you had told people about Knightin'+ release was in the Summer of 2018. Its now Fall 2018 and a month from Winter. Just wondering whats going. Cya.

Wolod let me know if there actually was a glitch cause this doesnt sound believable so far i tried everything and even so look at his 100% run times they look made up

nah wtf how do you skip shield :0

Check The Livestream out!

Soooo i'd just ask do you have a discord or can you make one or Maybe Skype perhaps?

Here if you cant make youtube then you cant talk without an account

Look Man im starting livestream so i'll put on the page for everyone to see i'll answer any question needed!

Well do you have a timer? I mean LiveSplit is free and there are tutorial on youtube on how to download same with OBS unless you already have a recording software

Btw I think Hold678 has mysteriously disappeared and he's the Knightin' Leaderboard Mod and the ONLY mod right now so idk when he'll be back but i'd say submit any runs you can submit!

Nice Wolod

I could only figure it out if maybe you recorded the problem and posetd it to your channel on youtube for me to see.

But after that is fixed if you do Any% runs submit them to leaderboard and I'd like to know if you'd ever do 100% or No Damage?

OMG dude your back ive been waiting for your return if you have a youtube tell me. But if your using OBS is it recording right?

if not use OBS or if its not working tell me. Now do you use LiveSplit I mean you say you use it so ill go with yes. But idk because for me i click the livesplit then open up the window that i need it to be shown on.  so maybe minimize whatever browser you are using click on your timer and then click the browser again but pull it back up at the bottom of page?

100% World Record 12:43.31

-3min off last Record 15:42.79

No Damage World Record 3:37.16 

-11 secs off last record

Hey Hold678 if youre there tell me had no communication and my runs havent been submitted yet just wanna know if youre still there.

Wasn't the best speed-run but i saved 2 secs

I edited this video to where it ONLY show World Record now so dont bother looking for it! its right in front of you!

Hope this helped Hold678 i pulled the clip out for you.

I got World Record in this 20min live stream so I suggest you see this.

Wanna see when World Record Starts go to 11:38 in video!

Hey Hold678 nice to see that the leaderboard finally changed and kept the actual date the run was first uploaded! it must have been slowly loading on leaderboard for weeks now and finally got up by itself? Just glad it finally made it!

try taking down my 1st one and upload 15min one ill submit again but if still not work ill resubmit my 17:55

WTF how ive uploaded like 2nd time now 

shredded 2 min off 

hey Hold678 add one more rule to 100% that says "open all chests." then it'd be 100% run.

YEET 3:48 not bad for 1st COMPLETED run of No Damage! i had 20 other attempts before getting great coin RNG and no getting hit!

Wolod by any chance after you beat the Quag do coin drops become less frequent? cause i did 100% run and after boss coins were harder to acquire for 100%. by my time was actually 17:55 because Ghost Amulet grind

ok Hold678 i submitted a run of every room and every item from ShopKeeper and ended up with 17:55! The Ghost Amulet grind was so much time i ended boss at 8:04 thats almost 10 min grind! next time im grinding before fighting boss! also obs is working for me now thanks for the suggestion.

thats fine itll make runs after 10:00 though guess it more of a challenge ;) just how do i grind coins for the last item

Wonder when DarkCreeperLord will come back cause after i beat his time by a lot i haven't seen him since! If he wishes to come back and try he could submit to the' leader-board 

ill submit a route to the page too

Well just say get to 3rd floor and kill Boss Draq? as fast as possible

yeah i just realized i had to submit it ;)

its a little laggy (maybe alot) but i did record this legit

This is my (WR) as of being recorded anyway and hope that it will be uploaded to 

World Record Any% 3:40.92 by ExoticPanda

Floor 1-51.90  Floor 2-1:56.72  Floor 3-2:57.67  Boss-3:40.92

scratch out my 3:31 it has no video proof and i'd like to submit a legit speedrun but i need a good screen recorder!

dont have a good recorder but if you could suggest one ill record the best time i can get beside 3:31 because it'd be hard to do again at least 3:34-3:36 might be my best but ill try to find one ty

Thats nice did you get one without getting hit?

Enemy coin drop rate
NO COINS 45% chance
Small Coins (usually 1-3) 30% chance
Medium coins (usually 1-2) 20% chance
Large coins (ONLY 1) 10% chance

This is just my opinion but maybe some one can justify my statement 

-Small are worth 1 

-Medium are worth 3

-Large are worth 5

When you bring Knightin'+ in Wolod i might do a no damage run cause this game right now is highly probable for no damage run. At least for me it is cause i just push this game to its limits! Now 100% no damage is probably like 5% possible but if i can find a way to push that to it'd be AMAZING! if some one can do it please show me how you didn't get hit!

So i found out i can get 100 coins before visiting shopkeeper on 3rd floor which saves time because last time i had to grab the Ring of Speed and kill a couple people then go back to shopkeeper but now i just take quick stop and go straight ahead no turning back!

World Record 100% 7:41.59 by ExoticPanda

Floor 1-2:23.43  Floor 2-4:29.67  Floor 3-6:58.17  Boss-7:41.59