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Amazing game, I found this and then constantly played it for a few days, and during that I found a few glitches. One thing is that sometimes you would be completely enclosed when you start a level, and you can't move around at all. This ended a few of my better runs, and was really annoying. I also glitched outside of the map once, no idea how, but besides all of those things, it is a great game.

On a side note, I am very confused on how to use the beast potions.

I'm super sorry to hear that glitchy levels ended your runs several times. I'm chasing a few bugs (like that one), but it's a bit hard to verify when a solution actually worked. I'll keep working on this and upload a new version when ready!

I'll take a look into the other bug (when you got out of the map). If you can recall anything about that scenario, it'd help a lot.

Regarding potions, they all take effect after tapping on them. You get a hint about each potion when you pick them up and you can reset hints on the menu.

I also made an Android build, but it's a bit rougher than the PC one.

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I was using WASD to control the character, and I just tried again and if you spam it enough it will happen I was unable to do it using the cards though

Oh, wow. WASD was a debug thing I forgot to remove hahaha. You're not supposed to use that at all. It's likely to be the cause of the bug.

I just uploaded a new version (both desktop and web). The level generator should (hopefully) skip faulty levels now.


All right thanks! I thought that the WASD thing was intended lol.