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I had a lot of fun with this game.  I really liked the throwback style of it as well as the arcade graphics.  This is exactly what I needed.  It was a simple, slow, wonderfully gruesome game.  It has a simple incentive to kill all the humans,  my favorite being the flying demon zombie.  Although I left this unfinished I hope people will explore the last few levels for themselves in order to find out the end.  As all original games like this usually have hidden Easter eggs.  This was also a wonderful throwback for me to the original style of video games with simple mechanics and one goal .  Kill all humans.  I find it ironic that somebody had the perspective to take it from a zombie’s  Point of view instead of the gun slinging hero.  This was a really awesome game I love it!  I hope you create more little games with your unique twist on them.

Hey, Hayden! I'm glad you enjoyed my game, your comments were very, very kind and your video is super fun. I loved your reactions. Actually I'll link this video here! Browsing your channel, it looks like you make gameplays of indie games and I'm eager to watch more of it. Thank you for playing!