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This is a really interesting hybrid game! While the combat doesn't really feel like more than a glorified quicktimme event, it does a good job of changing up the pace and flow of the game. While I did have some dificulty in the second fight due to not realizing it was building directly off the first and the lack of visual indicators for the resource based abilities, it falt pretty good oncec I got the hang of it. The story seems interesting enough, but you've fallen into on of the most annoying story/gameplay conflicts in gaming, beating an enemy and losing in a cutscene. I haped about this a bit in the video and think the game would be vastly improved by the omission of that. Overall, a pretty solid showing for a hybrid genre game and something I don't usually play that much.

Thank you for playing and showing off our game! Your feedback is very appreciated and we hope you stay tuned for coming updates =)