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Heh, sure, let's put that as work in progress. 

Thanks for the feedback, we'll have it fixed when the next patch comes out! Nobody will have to retrun no more!

Thank you for the feedback! We believe the problem has to do with memory issues and our lead programmer is currently working on fixing that. We'll update you when stuff has progressed and thanks for the patience! 

Awesome to hear! But it does seem like the Mac version is a bit wobbly, so thanks a lot for your patience and feedback! =)

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Could you try sending the image in a different way? We get this message when we open your link:

Thank you for playing and sharing your video! We're very glad you liked it and hope you'll stay tuned for future updates!

Could you give more details on what the problem is? We'd love for you to be able to play!

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Oh, you seem to have misunderstood the controlscheme, the menu buttons are directional, so you can use the arrow keys or the wasd keys to control them. They only show xbox controller buttons atm, but we're working on adding keyboard visuals for people who prefer keyboard.

Not sure about the freeze though, are you sure it was not just loading? Our game is pretty heavy on resources, and the way it manages resources is pretty primitive atm. We are working on fixing that as well, but that might take some more time unfortunately =/

EDIT: Read the README included with the game for more details on the keyboard controls.

Mac build is now up, we are having some troubles on our test machine, so any feedback on how well it works on other macs are greatly appreciated

There is currently fully functioning keyboard support, although it's somewhat lacking in finesse. The game includes a README where each control scheme is explained.

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Glad you liked it Geg!  We really enjoyed the video and loved the silly voices you gave the characters =) We can't thank you enough for the exposition you gave the game and hope you stay tuned for coming updates!

Thank you for playing and showing off our game! Your feedback is very appreciated and we hope you stay tuned for coming updates =)