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Uhm hi? I literally just made an account to play this game XD but I'm not sure if these are bugs. (Sorry if these are stupid questions.) When I open the game to play there seems to be a thing blocking the gold, population, and happiness. (It kinda has the same color as the end of the day paper thingy) Is there anyway to make it go away? And this may just be my laptop, but when I download this game I can;t play because I need sort the court_data near it. Is there something I'm doing wrong? (Sorry if the answers are obvious :( I'm not very good at stuff like this)

Hello! The issue about not being able to see your stats in the lower left is a bug that a few people are getting, I'm working on fixing that for the next update.

When you download the game, right click the zip file you downloaded and select "Extract all". It won't run properly unless you extract the zip file and then run the game using the extracted files. Let me know if that works for you! I'm also curious if you're able to see your stats in the downloaded version.

ok! Thank you so much for replying so soon! I will try it out, and see how it works :)

everything is fine on the downloaded version now! Thank you! on the site version the bug with not seeing your stats is still there. And I'm guessing there's no way to save progress yet is there?

No, unfortunately saving is not in the game yet - next update! So can you confirm the stats are displaying correctly in the downloaded version?

The game on the site works fine for me.

yep! :) The downloaded version works just fine! :D

Alright, thank you for the response. I'll be addressing that bug in the next update :)