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Your game is a lot of fun and REALLY scary!  It was so fun, I decided to make a 6 hour video trying to find secrets in the game.  I'm not going to upload that to the internet, but I decided that I would upload the segment where I found a secret room and a secret item called the "first  arm", both of which I think nobody has discovered.

It was really annoying to get to the room, and I'm pretty sure that there was an easier and more conventional method of getting it, but I'm still proud that I found it.

I love games with hard-to-find secrets, but I feel like they're going to be the death of me.

Im pretty sure you are the only one so far to find secrets in the game i searched up secrets for the game and no one else done this Good job for finding this

He may not be the only one to find them as others found secrets but didn't put it in their youtube title and might be within the video itself you have to browse to confirm.

So no, he is probably not the first one as the game also tells have a section listing all youtubers who found secrets in the game so far of the latest update.

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