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Tail me is such a simple and sweet game that brings a smile to my face.

I grew fond of Sharon and Clay. Such genuine patience and understanding warms my heart as it thaws the ice around them naturally. I didn't know tuna are only from the sea too so thank you Teacher Clay, you are a cool cateacher heh.

Every facial expressions are precious and adorable. The CG sketch in the end is cute too! My favourite is actually the chibis in the quick menu hehe.

The music and sound effects are wonderful to listen to, making the moments livelier.

The story twist surprised me and I'm glad that the both of them managed to work together and achieve a happy ending! 

Thank you for creating such a nice game <3

Hi Click!! I'm really happy to know you enjoyed Tail Me <3 Thank you so much for playing my game and writing such a sweet comment!! (●ฅ́дฅ̀●)