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Hello! Ace is an abbreviation used for the word 'asexual' or people on the asexual spectrum 😊

Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed it! 🥰❤

Thank you so much for your kind words!! 🥺❤

Your playthrough was so sweet, thank you so much for playing and for your kind words; I'm happy you liked the game!! 🥰❤️💕

Thank you so much for such a sweet comment! It makes me happy that you enjoyed the game! 🥰 Yeah, a lot of Pommy's feelings are also my own; it was really cathartic writing about it all, hehe 😊

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Hi there! You need to unzip the downloaded file using Winrar or any other unzipping program. Then you open the file named "WhereWinterCrowsGo.exe" with double click 💪

Not at all! If anything, it makes me happy that my game has helped 😊 Congrats on figuring out this part about yourself 🥳🥰

That's so sweet, thank you so much for playing Petrichor and for such a heartfelt and sweet comment 😭❤️💕 I'm happy to know the interaction between Pommy and Paris felt relatable to you!!

Thank you so much, Vivi!! I'm happy you enjoyed it! ❤️🥰

Ooh, I remember your comment! Hehe, it's cool that you share a birthday with my Dad! 

Aww thank you so much for your sweet comment and your support!! 🥺💕💖 I'm happy you liked this game too!

Aww, thank you so much!! It makes me happy to know you liked the story and could relate to Pommy as a fellow ace ❤️🥰

Yes, I believe there's hope for us aces who want a romantic relationship! There will always be people who accept us for who we are ❤️

The way I wanted to strangle Lara as if I were Homer Simpson

God, this was so heartbreaking but I'm happy that Katekyo ended up realizing he's not broken and that he's completely valid. While I'm not sex-repulsed like him, I could still relate a lot to many of his feelings; like how he mentioned giving grandchildren to his parents, people asking REALLY intrusive questions and think it's completely okay, or someone saying it's weird that he hasn't dated anyone despite his age... it all hit very close to home. 

I'm so glad this game exist 'cause it shows REALLY WELL just how much acephobia there is in the world and how some comments/question might not seem like a "big deal" to the people who say/ask them but they ARE a big deal to the ace-spec person receiving them.

I hope Katekyo can be happy with himself as he is and stop trying to please his parents instead of doing what he wants 🫂

He's such an asshole, I love him xD Also, the way you piece together what happened to the MC is SOOO good!! Really well done mystery with less than 1000 words!!

Fr3ak's design is so cute! I loved the joke of how the game translated what he was saying in parenthesis xD

also, the cthulhu's cg of him being super big and talking to the small bench where his son is was hilarious xd i loved that he told his son he would delay the end of the world to spend more time with him, lmao, love me a villain that's a good dad!

the reference to casablanca at the end but with romantic implications this time was great. now juniper and fr3ak can be happy together <3

The way this makes you feel so much with only 3 things (the writing, the sounds and the color red) is incredible. Thank you for making this story!!

Aww, I loved your playthrough, thank you so much for playing and for such a sweet review!! 😭❤️💕 

Thank you so much for your kind and sweet comment!! 🥹💖 I'm happy you liked it and found it relatable!! 😊

Agreed, cheesecake is awesome!! 🍰

Asdfjchehs you're gonna make me cry 😭😭😭💖💕❤

Thank you so much for always being so supportive and sweet. Right back at you: Keep being you, Seven!! ☺️❤🌸

Thank you for your kind comment, I'm happy you liked the game!!

Sorry, I'm not looking for translators at the moment!

Aadjxhwhd thank you so much for such a sweet comment, Hiro, and for sharing your experiencie 🥺❤💕

Yeah, I hope this can become a reality for me sometime too 🥰 it's true that there are always people who will accept you just as you are!

Asakjbfkasjbf thank you so much, Nayru!! That's such a sweet comment, I'm happy you liked the story!! ❤️😭

Hahah, Paris would definitely high five you for that! xD He loves his bunny mp3 player 🐰🎵

Thank you so much, I'm happy you liked it!! ❤️🥰

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it! 😊

Askajbfkajsbf omg that's so sweet, thank you so much, Chim, it makes me really happy to know you enjoyed it and that it made your day!! 🥹💖💘

This story is very personal so it means a whole lot to know that it touched your heart!! 😭❤️❤️❤️

I definitely have to play Namida, I'll leave you a comment when I do!! 🥰 I agree that we definitely need more ace stories!!

The only romanceable character will be Oz. You'll be able to choose to play as Fawna (the canon MC who will have a sprite) or as your own character (invisible MC without a sprite)

Thank you so much for your support! ❤️

New comment after having finished the game:

God, this has been such a wonderful game from start to finish. I remember how hooked I got the first time I played the first 3 arcs. The characters feel all so human and distintic, with their own wishes and motivations, with their own flaws and things that pain them.


I loved the final message about how the story isn't a fairytale, so even when they all go back to when they were kids, they still make some of the same mistakes they did before but they react to them better and learn from them!! 

Bucks story was really heartbreaking. People might not realize sometimes, but when you say something to a person enough times... they start to believe it themselves. It's so sad that she couldn't be honest with herself and admit she didn't like being called a monster and didn't want the life she had until it was too late. But I'm so glad that she got a second chance with the loop and Hunar and she achieved their dreams before marrying!! (Even if I'll miss Saydie, she's a sweetheart!! but I want to think that she'll appear again since they were considering having a child in the future)

The others' endings were really charming too. I love the fact that Gidget becomes more involved with the LGBTQ+ community and how she even meets Cecil!! Their relationship is super wholesome, they feel like siblings!! 

 I'm still missing Gidget's ending but of the other two I played I think my favorite is definitely Genzou's. As much as I love Orlam, I think (personally) Iggy's relationship with Gen makes a bit more sense because of all the hints and teasing that were going around for the whole game (plus it just hurts me too much to see Genzou sad dksjgbksjb). 

The scenes between Iggy and Genzou were super sweet in Arc 5 and the future they build together warms my heart. I especially loved the part where Iggy mentions that Genzou respects his boundaries even when they're not always the same, 'cause sometimes he may feel like he could do more and sometimes less. It honestly made me so happy to read as an ace person myself!!

Overall, gosh, this game is so freaking fantastic. It will forever be one of my favorite games and I'm so happy to have played it and met the characters and read their story.

Thank you so much for this game, Carrot; and congratulations on the completion of it!! I'm looking forward to more of your stories!!

This is so adorable!! I loved it a lot!! I can definitely relate to Solaris' anxiety at the workplace and having trouble connecting with others T_T 

I'm happy that Solaris and Kaiser were able to bond <3 Would love to see more from these two!!

The art is amazing too, I loved how we could see their eyes from the helmets!!

Thank you, Seven! We're really happy that you enjoyed it! 🥰

Gosh, yeah, I can hardly believe myself how we were able to finish this in a month! Props to our team and especially Kristi who spent a million hours during the last week scripting everything!

Chaaaatt 😭❤💕 thank you so much for playing our game and for such a lovely review!! We're really happy that you enjoyed it so much!! ❤🥰

It makes me especially happy that you liked the color themes and the relationship dynamic between Diana and Enya; those were my favorite parts hehe ☺️

I'm with you on the being afraid of the future of game development and creative career as a whole. The way a lot of CEOs act towards their employees, crunch culture, NFTs, Ai... it all feels like a big nightmare indeed. Hopefully talking about these problems openly is a first step into making things better and we can bring back the light to creative professions!

Once again, thank you so much for your comment and for playing our game Chatt! ❤💕

This was super cute!! I still have to play Adriel's route but gosh, Sandra's route is really sweet and endearing 🥰

I loved how Sandra and Doug got to know each other better through their outings (the Barbie movie thing was adorable and hilarious xD) and it made me so happy that you could choose to have an ace romance between them 😭💞

I especially really like the fact that they mentioned (if you choose the romance route) "I'm not totally lovestruck but I love you and want to know you better". I don't see that a lot in romance and it made their relationship even more special in my eyes 💕

Hello! Once you download the game you have to extract the ZIP file! If you have Windows I recommend Winrar. If you have a Macbook then The Unarchiver is good!

Once you extract the files, you should see a file called "WhereWinterCrowsGo" shaped like a red crow. That's the game (in Windows it's WhereWinterCrowsGo.exe I think)! Clicking on it should let you enter right into it.

Hope that helps! 😊

Thank you for the concern, that was very kind of you! And I'm happy you enjoyed the game! ❤️

Aspen is the canon main character, but you can still play as a self-insert MC that has no portrait. The game asks you right at the start.

Hi, there! Those backgrounds in particular were made by Minikle, who is an artist that sells backgrounds that many visual novel gamedevs use. 

The only custom backgrounds in WWCG that I commissioned an artist to make are the interiors (hallway, living room, kitchen, bathroom, Aspen and Crowe's room) and the exterior snowy one that has a couple of tree stumps (the one where Aspen and Crowe eat the mushroom sandwiches).

So, don't worry! The other creator just happened to buy the same pack from Minikle that I did but they didn't steal anything.

No prob! Hope you had fun! 🌸

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Hey there! On the game's description there's a link to the walkthrough if you're having trouble getting the other endings 😊

Yeah! Oz is the love interest in Killer Trait 😊🌸

Hello! Thank you for your sweet comment! I'm happy to know you're liking Oz and the story, so far! ❤️

I wanted to make a little clarification, just in case. Oz isn't a yandere. I think it's probably the heart eyes in the cover art that might make some think that but the art will be changing for the new demo and the full game. Wanted to leave it out there just in case people are expecting a yandere that won't appear 🙌💦