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Mother truly didn't know best akbgsdkgb.

Aaaaahh, this was sweet but so sad and tragic too T__T I feel really bad for Cynthia and Lynette. The twist at the end broke my heart.

This was a beautiful bittersweet story with very pretty art. Great work!! <3

A very cool and intriguing murder mystery!! I really loved the art and music; and the mystery certainly had me on the edge of my seat!! Playing as a grim reaper was awesome, I don't think I've ever played a detective mystery where you play from the POV of a mythical being; Grea was a very charming protagonist too. The 3D backgrounds were cool too, they gave me a lot of Danganronpa vibes! All in all, I think this was a great game, you guys did an amazing job creating a whodunnit with this level of detail and polish in such a short time!! (╯✧▽✧)╯

Nothing prepared me for such a ride. This game is a masterpiece in every possible way!! Firstly, the art is GORGEOUS and it conveys the German Expressionism aesthetic so well! The programming accentuates this with how cinematic it makes everything look, it truly feels like I'm watching a silent film from the 1920s (not putting voice acting in the game was a great choice since it enhances the experience of the silent era of cinema). The MUSIC, omg, the music is SO GOOD and draws you into the story even more!! No joke, I'd love to have the sountrack, it was amazing. And, of course, THE WRITING!! It's so charming and captivating!! The way the characters talk has a very cinematic feel. Nothing feels excessive or out of place, it flows naturally and has really good pacing. And can I just say... the ending where she stood up for herself, with that last reveal that you never question before, when you just call her "the widow", it's poetic justice. I love it so much!! Don't even get me started on the symbolism of the black widow spider. Amazing. This is definitely a must play!!

SPEECHLESS. This is SO GOOD!! I love the 70s shoujo style used for the game, even the music sounds retro, it's so cool!!! The amount of sprites and all their poses were so beautiful and expressive; very fitting for a story set in a theater!! Also, the ANIMATIONS???? So much detail and care was put into this game, I'm so excited to know more, the mysteries got me really intrigued!! 

This was such a blast!! The characters are a lot of fun, the VAs did great and the art is also SO GOOD!! I'm excited to see more of the story!! 

This was freaking awesome, I loved it a lot!! The MC and their sister, Macie, were especially great. I loved their relationship. The art was very unique and captivating. I love how you never really see the MC's face but neither do you see the parents' faces, but you DO see the sister. As if the MC viewed the parents as monsters. I also love that the story can also have a lot of interpretations just like Kafka's Metamorphosis!

Hi! The downloads have been disabled at the moment since I'm replacing all the character art with Crowe's new design. 

They'll be available again once the game is fully released sometime this year 😊

Heyo, thank you so much for the sweet and kind comment!! 😊❤️ Yes, I'm so glad I can finally call Crowe my character 100% sdjgbskjb 🥹🥹🥹

I'm happy you like Crowe's new design and are looking forward to the game!! ❤️

Wanted to clarify, just in case, though, that the game won't have any new choices or new endings, it'll just have a few extra CGs 💦

Thank you! ✨

Aaaaah thank you so much for your kind words, Izumi, you're very sweet 😭💘❤💕

I enjoyed this a lot! Mafia plots are always really intriguing and the fact that we have a mystery to solve regarding who killed MC's parents makes it all the more engaging! 

The MC is fantastic and I liked all of the guys too (also, can I just say, I love how Italian their names are)! They all have distinct personalities, which makes their dynamics very fun and interesting. My favorites, so far, were Renzo & Luca but I also like Antonio quite a bit (even though I agree with MC that he's a bit of an ass xDD). 

I'm excited to play the rest when it comes out! Will be looking forward to your updates. Awesome job, Snakkz! <3

This was so cool and it got me super hooked on the Oneiron worldbuilding!! I find it awesome how you managed to add so much lore into the story with only big scene/conversation! I really loved it a lot, from the great music, to the lovely art, to the brilliant writing!!

First of all, the narrator being biased and even letting you as a player "answer" whenever they explained any of the words in the lore was great. It makes the experience all the more enjoyable and intriguing. And speaking of intriguing? GOD!! You have such a knack for dialogue and foreshadowing!! The way the pacing of the whole scenario went??? Starting with a subtle small talk about how their world works in a way that's very natural, then moving onwards to less-desirable topics for both Blythe and Meredith, to the climax with big reveals sdgnsdkgjb aaahhh, it was so well done!! Blythe and Meredith are amazing characters and I really loved seeing how they got a little closer with each other after such a deep conversation. 

Also, can I just say... while I'm not trans, I could relate so much to Blythe's struggle with their identity and their whole refusal of not accepting anything but being themselves, no matter what. The whole topic about others setting expectations and being so fed up with it all and just wanting to live for themselves... it really rang close to home. 

I definitely have to play more of the Oneiron series games! I saw that Meredith and Blythe appear in other games so I'll definitely have to check those out at some point!!

Awesome job, Naarel!! <3

This was a great demo! I loved the relationship between the MC and Alvarez, who slowly starts opening up to her! There's also so much lore in the story that has me really invested and wanting me know more! The art was also very nice and the music set the tone of the scenes super well! 

I'm excited to know how the story will keep going; great work everyone!! <3

Me gustó mucho! Está re bien logrado el aspecto detectivezco de la historia. El arte está genial y el guión con acento argento también, jeje xD

Sin mencionar que lo hicieron en menos de 1 día!! Hermoso trabajo en equipo :D

Really sweet (no pun intended)!!

I loved the ace allegory and all the different descriptions of the cakes <3 The art is also lovely, Diana is very pretty!!

No worries, I took the comment as feedback, which I really appreciate! ☺️ 

I completely understand why people would vote against the decision too. And that's okay! 💪I'll just have to see how it goes with the poll and thinking it a bit morebefore coming to a decision.

Thank you for your comment! 🌸

Hello! Thank you for your comment! 

Yeah, it's true that not everyone would be able to buy it only on itch because of the price, which Steam solves by converting the currency. The problem is that Steam also adjusts the currency for the developers... and that really messes up their sales (T_T)

For instance, let's say that an Argentinian developer wanted to sell their game for around 15 USD. In Argentinian pesos (according to Steam's exchange rate) the game would be selling at around 256 Argentine Pesos. 256 Argentine Pesos is 0.90 dollars, it's not even a dollar. That's why it wouldn't be worth it for me at the moment to sell games on Steam, unfortunately, even though I really want to ಥ_ಥ

The alternative I'm thinking, in addition to selling the game on itch, is to also sell the game as a reward on my Patreon, since Patreon has more paying methods than Itch. 

No worries about the poll, and thank you so much!! 🥰💕

No worries! Feel free to answer on the devlogs if you don't have twitter/don't want to make one ( ´ ▽ ` )/

Yeah, unfortunately, some websites don't always have options that are beneficial to us devs or people who live in 3rd world countries in general (T_T). I won't lose hope regarding selling games on Steam, someday, though. 

And aaadskjbgksjbg thank you for taking your time to answer here and for your kind words!! I really appreciate it a lot and it helps me out knowing others' views on the matter! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

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Hi! That's not a strange thing to ask at all, don't worry! 😊

Yeah, if I release it commercially on itch I'd also like to release it on Steam. I'll have to do a bit of research since it involves a different process than but I really want to try it out since Steam has a lot of reach in many countries 💪

Edit: Sorry, there were some things I ended up finding out after doing some research on the subject of selling games on Steam in my country and I don't think it's something I'll do any time soon 😞 (explained more clearly in the Important Poll devlog)

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Omg Carrot all of that work is insane eksjdgbskdjgb, please remember to take breaks so as to not burn out (੭ ˊ^ˋ)੭ ♡ * hugs tightly *

Still, it shows how much passion you're putting into your project and I'm just so excited and happy for you!! I can't wait to play the next part and see where the story goes!! 
(*ฅ́ ˘ฅ̀*)♡ The story is slowly coming to its conclusion and aaaaahhdjgbhsjk on the one hand I'm super happy about that but on the other hand I'm also sad cause I will miss seeing these characters a lot once the story is completed(iДi)

I wish you all the best with the release!! I know I sound like a broken record by now but please remember to rest and take time for yourself too ajkfbksjbdg

Sending you big hugs ♡⸜(ˆᗜˆ˵ )⸝♡

I loved this SO MUCH!! I love demons, dark fantasy and romance so this was right up my alley. The story was really good and Xael is SUPER CUTE; I hope we're able to see him in another project!! The art and UI is beautiful, I loved the whole aesthetic!!

Awesome job, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your projects!! :D

Oh my gooooood, this is SO good!!!! The art is AMAZING, the UI is really neat and fitting, and I LOVED the story so much!!! I'm a big sucker for rivals to lovers trope so this was a treat <3 <3 <3

I'm looking forward to more of your projects, I loved Curio Compendium too!!  

(1 edit)

Very cool and enigmatic! 👀 Nicole is very pretty and I liked the simplistic and mysterious GUI! The music track was also catchy and fitting to the scene.

I'm curious to see how Kuroya and Nicole will fare in the bigger picture of the whole situation. Looking forward to seeing them again! :D

This was very cool! The art was super pretty and I loved how we're thrown into the meat of the story right from the get go. The dialogue felt really natural. I'd love to see more of these characters.

Great job! <3

The Crooked Man's myth is such an interesting story, I loved the way you used him and made your own Crooked Man story!! The character design for him is super cool and the music fit really well! 

I hope we see more of him in another game, he got me really curious and I certainly wouldn't mind learning his magic confectionary (๑*ᗜ*)!! 

Great work!! <3

(1 edit)

Aaaaahhh this was so gooood!! I just love all the little details you add with your art and cinematics!! The way Orlam's sprite would sway really helped with the immersion of making it seem like he was dancing with Genzou, and gosh, the beginning where we just see Orlam's eyes in the dark and then the lights turn on???? *CHEF KISS*

As others commented, I had a bit of trouble getting ending 2 but I'm glad I kept trying and got them all!! They're all... heartbreaking in their own way (ಥ﹏ಥ) These two are seriously bad for each other but I just keep hoping deep inside my heart that there'll be some kind of reconciliation someday. But of course both are very hurt individuals with a lot of things going on so that would certainly prove difficult jksdbgjksdbg (still, I have hope).

ALSO, also, the way the main menu changed depending on the ending you got?? The way Orlam's screams filled the screen in ending 1?? I loved all of that so much, you're such an inspiration to me with everything you make, Carrot, I can't help but be amazed every time I play your games. I'm already looking forward to any new games you make and, of course, the next part to the Our Wonderland universe!!

Amazing job!! <3

This was so adorable!! I love the whole aesthetic, the art and GUI is really pretty!!

The story was super cute too, I loved Charlotte and Roy and even the narrator who was so quirky and funny xD 
It took me a little while to get the best ending but I'm so glad I got it, I hope Charlotte and Roy spend a lifetime together!! <3 Honestly I'd love to see another game with them cause I found their interactions super entertaining and adorable.

Awesome job!! :D

This was so cute!! 

First of all, the art was lovely, I really liked the sprites and CGs. The music was also very nice and fitting!

Then, I loved the concept of making the MC aware that she's going to reincarnate only to have her appreciate her life more as the days close to her death go by. Usually in these isekai stories the MC dies right away so having a different kind of story where the guys come to her real world instead was very interesting!

I finished Eugene's route and have to say I loved it a lot. Eugene acts cold at first but he's SUCH A SWEETHEART and a softie and jkebsgdksjbgjks aahhh, he's just so adorable!! I really loved the chemistry between him and Chiyo, it all felt really natural and sweet. It made me feel like I was reading a shoujo manga and my heart felt warm the whole time. I really missed this feeling of reading something so adorable. Chiyo was a nice protagonist too. I like that we see her struggles and it's not all just about Eugene. The progress of the romance was very well done, which can be very tricky in the span of a week, but I loved how it was done! First Chiyo kinda needed to break the ice, then they start behaving as friends, and finally they start becoming more aware of each other in a romantic way. It was all very heartwarming <3 

I think the only thing I'd criticize is to make the sprites move a little more during the action scenes, maybe adding a few sound effects here and there too, since it did feel a bit static when scenes like that played out. But that's really all, and it's quite minor, the rest I liked it a lot!!

Awesome job and good luck with the other 2 routes!! :D

This was such a beautiful game and it has touched me to my very core. 

First of all, the details of adding devs' games or characters into the main menu and Zoë's room was super cute <3 I really love seeing that, it makes me happy(。>‿‿<。 )

Secondly, the art, music, voice acting and GUI were all GREAT! They complemented each other so well and were really fitting for the story!

And last, but certainly not least, the WRITING! It was my favorite part, for sure! I relate a whole lot to Zoë's feelings!! Making games is something that is both a wonderful experience as well as something that comes with a lot of struggles. And that...includes receiving bad faith reviews. When a person "goes to the trouble" of making a review that goes so much into detail about everything that's "wrong" with a game and can't see anything positive at all... I personally think that says more about them than about the one who made the game. Being overly negative in a review doesn't really feel like feedback anymore. Good feedback is constructive, NOT destructive. Good feedback is insightful, NOT insensitive. Good feedback unfussy, NOT judgemental. Good feedback is empathetic, NOT vain. 

It's true that we're never going to make games that everyone likes but, as Zoë's friend said, there are always going to be people who relate to them and like them. One person's opinion isn't all that matters. They can certainly get you down when they spout stuff like this (which I would honestly argue comes from a place of either envy, insecurity, projection or elitism), but, at the end of the day, they're not going to succeed in killing our passion for games 💪 

Awesome job Kristi and team! ٩(*•͈ ꇴ •͈*)و ̑̑❀

Hello! Pri the writer, here! Thank you so much for the interest in our game! ☺️

As regards Hummingbird's Crown main story in itself, the game is already finished, since this story in particular only works with Lonan and Galvin as the love interests. We did plan to add an Invar route, at some point, that would have a similar concept but deviate from what happens in the common route from this game.

At the moment, though, it's hard to say if we'll ever release Invar's route. All the members of our team are from different countries and timezones, and all of us have our day jobs as well as other things going on. Maybe one day it'll be made! But for now it's uncertain.

Thank you for your sweet comment! ♥️

This was so GOOD!! I love how your Purgatoryverse stories are connected, not only because they take place in the same universe, but also because of the characters who appear in them and all the easter eggs you leave which reference things that happened before and/or characters that left an impact on other characters. 

The art is, as always, GORGEOUS, the painty sort of Van Gogh style is really pretty and fits the story very well!! The music, BEAUTIFUL (not gonna lie, I wanna buy the soundtrack if there's any plans for one sometime lol). I was also really impressed and charmed by all the UI and the way it was programmed to appear; little by little, like an adventure where you slowly get certain tools that will help you throughout the story. I'm also a big fan of point and click mechanics, so I always have a lot of fun playing through your Purgatoryverse games <3  

The writing is amazing. I love the way you can go from dark and mysterious to comedic to even romantic. It's hard to balance different genres and I think you do that really well! The characters you create are always a treat, they have so much personality and life to them that they feel like REAL PEOPLE. They're not all good or all bad, they're a beautiful gray, they're complex, and that's what makes them so interesting. Not to mention these "verbal viruses" that you give to them add so much; like how Vol keeps saying "that is to say", how Bliss always has to add "man" to end his sentences or how Sheol speaks through poetry. I love it!! <3

Isobel is also a great MC, I think I like her even better than Astrid. I love just how kind she is while also being complex and having her flaws too. I honestly would love being her friend hehe. Seeing more of Vol here, from a different perspective, was also a pleasant surprise, and I really liked learning more about Remm too!! I won't go into details for the other characters to avoid spoilers but GOD that plot twist was WILD and I did NOT see that coming. I hope Isobel is alright, I really want her to have a happy ending kdsbgkjgb!!

The only critique I'd make is a technical one. I think there might be a little bug with Isobel's side sprite. Sometimes she appears at random times (where I'm guessing she shouldn't appear) or when she changes expressions. But that's really all, just a minor bug hehe. 

Thank you for making this game, I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to the updates!! <3

PS: The Apechs joke about how Astrid is known to be The Voice, not The Hearing had me laughing forever.

That's really sweet of you, thank you so much! Panacea has gone back to being my solo project and is currently on hiatus but I'm working on a spin-off called Potion Pleasing! You can see more on my twitter with the tag #PotionPleasing <3

Thank you for the kind comment! 

(1 edit)

This was a really cool game!! The story got me really invested, it felt like I was watching an anime from my teens!! It's the first time I played it but it made me feel nostalgic  🥰❤️

The characters all had very different personalities, which is quite hard to do with a game that has so many, but I think it was done really well. The backgrounds and UI were beautiful and I really liked the other art as well! The CGs were especially captivating and gosh, that opening with the animations was so cool! The music was very fitting too, I particularly enjoyed the tracks that seemed more fantasy-like and magical.

I enjoyed playing as Yuuna a lot. She has a difficult background but doesn't mind standing her ground when someone is being unfair (even after her etiquette training). As for the love interests, some made more of an impact on me than others; my favorites are Makoto, Raiji and Jun. Makoto has this seriousness combined with bashfulness that makes him really endearing, Raiji's friendlyness made me instantly like him a whole lot and Jun... well, what can I say, I really enjoy characters that start off as assholes and then slowly warm up to the MCs xD

I think the only things I would critique are 2. First, I think the script needs a little bit more of editing. Not because of typos or anything along those lines, but mainly because there is an inconsistency in the used verb tense. There are times when the story is told in the present tense but then switches to past tense and vice versa.

Secondly, the other critique (feel free to ignore if you don't agree, of course, this is just my personal opinion) is that I feel that the worldbuilding loses a bit on impact by having so many Japanese connotations. Nothing wrong with Japan inspiration, of course, many games have them and it's awesome! It's just that, in the case of this game, despite the story taking place in a fictional world, the characters have a lot of very japanese phrases like "-san" or "-sama" and even references to other Japanese things. If that is the intention, of course, feel free to ignore me, but if the idea is to make a different world altogether, one that doesn't have anything to do with Japan, I think the worldbuilding would become much stronger without these Japanese connotations. Maybe creating a new word for Kendo? Or using "Miss/Mr" instead of "Yuuna-san", and "Your highness" instead of "-sama" whenever characters are talking among themselves?

Edit: Ignore the second point, you already confirmed it's set in fantasy Japan so it makes sense that the story has a lot of japanese connotations 🙈

That's pretty much all, cause the rest I absolutely loved and I'm really looking forward to the new chapters!! 🥰❤️ Awesome job from you and your team, Yui!! 💖😊

Aaaah dskjgbdskjgb I still need to play your game Actala too! I think I didn't play it yet cause it wasn't available on Mac. But I do have a Windows Laptop too! Just a bit on the wonky side LOL, but I definitely want to play your other game too <3

I think it's perfectly okay to reuse some code of your previous games! It's yours after all and every little bit helps! And aaahh I feel your pain with the bug fixes!!

Askjdbfsdkjb I'm still learning a lot with crafting mysteries, but it makes me really happy that you like them too T_T And, of course, I really liked the way you wrote the characters, the dialogue felt really natural despite being an unusual situation and a having a not so sane ex-boyfriend character, and again, the pacing was on point!!

Looking forward to more of your games!! <3

Simply BEAUTIFUL. This is such a sweet and romantic story, everything felt so magical!!

I loved the way everything connected together, not just story-wise, but also in other aspects! How the UI represented both the red string of fate and the synesthesia from both the MC and Van; how the music flowed so well with the vibe and even had certain parts where Van would talk; how the art felt so pretty, soft and deep in its simplicity; how well the voice actor fitted Van's character... and of course, the undeniable chemistry between Van and the MC!! 

I really loved how they met in each timeline, but I have to say I have a soft spot for the "red strings" story in particular. I'm a big sucker for romance where the couple start sort of hating each other but then they fall super deeply in love AAAHH kdjgbjksdbg, so good!!

Also, can I just say... the whole string of fate in the UI and programming was awesome?? I never experienced anything like that in a visual novel, it was really unique and clever!! A pleasant surprise and, as a gamedev myself, makes me curious and excited to see if I can do something creative with my game menus someday too!

The story really gave me a lot of feels, I couldn't help but love it as the hopeless romantic that I am, thank you for creating such a beautiful game!! <3

OH MY GOD??? The quality in this game is INSANE!!! There's so much care and detail put into it, I'm amazed in the best possible way skjdgbksjbg!! BRO, THERE'S EVEN A TUTORIAL WITH AN ARROW ANIMATION, AND A WALKTHROUGH INSIDE THE GAME?? I CAN'T EVEN- GUYS, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THIS WAS DONE IN 2 MONTHS?? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, SENSEI!! Seriously, this was such an amazing experience from the get go: the backgrounds, the art, the animations, the UI, the voice acting (kudos to the VAs, they did such a great job), THE WRITING!!! It was all so well-done and it flowed together so naturally!! At times, it felt like I was watching a movie, the story is really cinematic and knows when to use the animated CGs in order to make you feel even closer to the characters. 

The way this fooled me into thinking it was going to be a certain type of yandere story... and then it's basically the meme of: WELL, YES, BUT ACTUALLY NO. Reeeeaaaaaally good pacing, it leaves you more and more curious until you finally learn the truth of the mystery. 

What else can I say? The characters felt very much alive. It's difficult to write characters in a way that seems like they had a life before you get to tell the story inside your game and I feel Karamu managed that very well! Great Job, Chatt!! <3

This was such a cool story!! The writing is so poetic and beautiful, the whole victorian vibe is lovely and the art is simply GORGEOUS!! 

The mystery of the loop got me super invested (I'm a sucker for time loops xD) and I don't think I've ever seen one with a vampire! I love the duality of how he (not saying the name to avoid spoilers) both loves and yet also resents the MC at times, it's something that would be inevitable being in his situation and it was shown really well!! The detail of not mentioning either of their names until much later, when you start discovering the mysteries little by little, was very unique and creative, I don't think I've seen many stories with that and it was really cool and refreshing to see!

And the fact that this is your first VN, omg!! I can only be amazed, it's a wonderful achievement and everything looks so polished and nice!! Will be looking forward to more of your work, awesome job!! <3

I loved this so much!! First of all, kudos to all the voice actors, the performances where AMAZING, and it really gave a lot of life to the game!! It was a fantastic decision as well, since I don't think the story would have had as much impact without the voiced characters. The way it was done fit perfectly!!

The concept of falling in love with a silhouette was also so unique and creative!! It really makes you focus on the guys' personalities from the get go rather than making you choose solely on their looks. It's something I've never seen before and I loved the way it was done!! 

Ettie, Derrick and Jack are all great characters. I especially loved Ettie and Derrick and Derrick's route was my favorite. He's super sweet and, no joke, the climax part made me tear up djkgbjksb.

The thing I loved the most about this game is this whole concept of "it's the little things".  As Ettie puts it, she wanted the story to be a romcom, and a romcom it was indeed! But a romcom can have deep moments as well, and I think that was done really well! The stories are simple, but deep at the same time. There's no mega drama or action anywhere cause it doesn't need it, it's a story about the little things. About getting to know someone and enjoying the pleasure in the seemingly mundane, that, at the end of the day, is really what's most special and important. 

Thank you for making such a beautiful game <3