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I love Quinn so much, I can't wait to play the rest of his route, I want to see him happy 🥺💘

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I love this so much I can't wait to play the full game!! Noel stole my heart <3 (and holy shit, his birthday is ONE DAY before mine!!)

Will you be selling an OST of the game? The music is so good, I'd love to buy it!!

Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for making the recolors of the small cabin in the woods! I bought all the versions, they'll help me a lot for the game I'm making for Winter VN Jam <3 Would it be possible to request the same for the large cabin in the woods? 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend <3

Thank you so much, Rachel! <3 Excited to use these for my new game! :D

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Thank you so much, Rachel! I'm doing this visual novel for the Winter VN Jam which is during the whole month of December. Do you think you'll have time to do the night versions of the interiors in both the small cabin and large cabin in the woods packs before the end of the year? If not I can always use a place holder and add the night versions once they are finished, it's no problem ^^ thank you!! 

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Hi Rachel, thank you so much for the quick reply! Regarding the night/dark versions, it'd be great if they had colder colors and muted lights but still looks like it's inhabited (do you think the wood's color could be a bit more of "dark chocolate brown"? Or would that entail making it from scratch?); basically it'll be the home of an ecology researcher (who studies the environment, plants & animals), and the MC will happen to visit them because their car was broken and they need somewhere to stay. As for the snow storm from the window, what I mean is more like a snowstorm showing on the window glass but still being outside, it wouldn't be entering the cabin so you wouldn't need to make a new pack from scratch hehe. 

The large cabin in the woods you posted below looks really cool too and it'd certainly be nice to have night versions of some of the backgrounds there as well but I don't know if you accept double requests so I figured I'd stick to the request of the night/dark versions of the small cabin in the woods.

Let me know your thoughts 🌸

Thank you so much, have a great weekend as well!

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Hi Rachel! I just realized you had this little thread for requests right after I commented on one of your packs 🙈 I absolutely love the pack you made of the snow cabin in the woods but I'm in need of night/dark versions for them (and maybe even a version showing a snow storm from the windows but I can also manage without them, I mostly need night/dark versions for the cabin interior backgrounds), especially since it's for a horror-mystery game. Would it be possible? 💦 Of course I'll pay whatever your price is 💪

I also noticed the backgrounds are a bit bigger than the size I use for Renpy (1920x1080), will the backgrounds be cropped too much if I adjust them to that size?

Thank you!! ☺️

Omg this is just what I need for the VN I'm making right now. Do you think it'd be possible to add night versions to all these? I'm willing to pay whatever you decide the price to be sdkjgbskjg

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Oh my gosh this is super helpful, thank you so much!!

Edit: My friend helped me out! I just had to copy the variables from the pronountool.rpy and paste them on the script.rpy after the selected pronouns line, hehe. Thanks again for this wonderful tool!

I just wanted to ask a question, if it's alright. I'm reading the instructions to implement the tool and it worked for me when I used the pronoun text tags but I'm having trouble making the pronoun variable work; it goes to "they/them" by default. 

Is there something we need to add to the script.rpy or any of the other rpy files to make the variable work when you're typing dialogue? Sorry about this, I'm a bit of a beginner with Ren'Py and coding 💦

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Thank YOU for being a part of it!! ❤️

Y me encantaría que volviéramos a trabajar juntos con vos y Mati!! 😊

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Finally got around to playing this game!! 😊
Time to answer the questions! 👀

1. My favorite ended up being Theo! I actually thought he was going to be my least favorite because of his app profile but then it turned out it wasn't him who wrote it lmaooo xD I felt that the relationship he had with the MC was the most natural and cute and the fact that he wanted to take things slow was a breath of fresh air, I loved that <3

2. Yes, captain! I managed to get all the good endings! Woo! 🥳

3. I think my favorite moment was in Theo's route when he tells the MC that he doesn't do casual anymore, that he only really wants to sleep with the person he commits to. And it's my favorite moment not only because of this but also because, while the MC respects his boundaries, she also calls him out on how he should have communicated better cause there's no way people are going to know if he doesn't tell them first. It made so much sense when she said that communication without words takes yeaaaaars, how people should communicate with words. I loved this whole scene ❤️ 

4. Honestly? Hell yeah, bring it on xD I love romance routes that start with LIs being jerks and then they fall hopelessly in love.

5. Absolutely! That'd be amazing!!

Thank you so much for making this game, I had a lot of fun!! ✨

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No joke, this is one of the best romance VNs I've ever played. I love Artemis so much, they kill me every time they blush skjgbksdbgakgb 😭 so adorable!!! It's really endearing how we get to know them little by little and how, slowly but surely, Artemis and the player start falling for each other, gosh I'm such a sucker for slow burn fluffy romance kjdsbgkabgkab AAAAHHHH!!!!

I really loved everything, the art, the writing, the music, the characters!!!

I hope there's a sequel sometime, I already miss this beautiful moth kdsbgksdjbgk

Amazing job!!!

Finally got around to playing this game!! Gosh the aesthetic is soooo cool!!! I really love the whole vibe the art gives combined with Albert's narration; it all feels like a spooky supernatural mystery comic with a lot of suspense and I keep wanting to read more!! Also, that main menu art IS FREAKING AMAZING, I love how it fits so well with the lore of the story too with Albert being a journalist and THE EYE. 

I really liked how the story started off somewhat comedic with Albert's commentary and slowly started heading into horror-mystery 👀 I also absolutely loved Hendrik and I hope to see more of him and his crazy laughter (I'm an absolute sucker for these type of characters 😂).

The puzzles were a lot of fun, I feel proud for having completing them without skipping, I love jigzaw puzzles 🧩💖 

The open ending only makes me impatient cause I want to know what happens next lmao 😂 I need more!! Will be looking forward to the continuation, awesome game!! ❤️

Oh my gooooddd this game is so good!! I love escape rooms a whole lot and the way this one was integrated with the story was amazing, it had a lot of suspense and mystery and I was so on board with it!! The art for the sprites, backgrounds and overall objects was beautiful and charming, the flashlight effect is also something I've never seen before in a VN and I loved it!!

I feel proud that I could actually solve all the puzzles without cheating lol, they were super fun to play and gave me some Zero Escape vibes.

The ending... oh boy, I was NOT expecting that and now I'm desperate to know how the story continues!! I'm definitely going to try out Waterborne 1, survival horror VNs with puzzles are my jam!!

What else is there to say, the sound effects made everything even spookier and immersive, the moving title screen was very cool and I loved the detail of the Lazytiger logo being soaked by water.

Thank you so much for making this game, I had a lot of fun and I'm definitely adding it to my list of recommended!! ❤

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This was so much fun!! I'm a huuuuuuuge fan of murder mysteries, especially when the protagonist isn't a private detective but rather has a different job, it makes it even more interesting. I swear I groaned when it ended cause I wanted to see more, I was on the edge of my seat!! 😂

I loved Lucy, can't wait to know more about her, and Salem has really caught my interest 👀 Angus cracked me up with how he moved all around the screen in different moments xDDD

Looking forward to the full game!!

This was so freaking cool, I loved how most of the game is played in a computer screen chatting. Also, the increasing unease you feel between Petra's check ups on the granny and the slow but steady appearances of THAT are very well done, it was so spooky!! 

The spam messages also took me back down memory lane, I remember I used to be scared of those at first xD Building a whole horror game around that concept is really cool!! The art was fantastic as well, great work!!💕

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I really liked the atmosphere in this game and overall format. It felt like a storybook with grayscale art (very pretty, I loved it!!) and beautiful music that fitted the mood of the scenes 💖. I also loved how you could go back and forth between the places with all the choices at the bottom, it gave me fond memories of Twine and choose your own adventure books ✨

I was a bit lost with some of the terms but that's probably because I'm not very familiar with Rus' history (though it'd be cool if there was a devlog or extra downloadable file explaining some of the words).

Really looking forward to the rest of the story, I want to know who the werewolf is 👀 Great work!! 

I'll try it out, thanks!

This is really adorable and scary at some parts 😱 !!!

The art style is really charming, as if it were something out of a Halloween cartoon 🥰❤️ I love that even the font in the text box is all crayon-like and feels like it was written by a sweet kid 😊

I got 3 bad endings so far, but can't seem to pass the TV minigame 😭 I tried clicking on the arrows on the screen but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to win ;__; I think maybe a walkthrough could help for those who are stuck? 🤔


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This was a very interesting prologue!! It reminded me of the vibe of RPG Adventure stories, exciting and thrilling 😎 

I loved the dynamics between Jenna & the spirit, there's potential for them becoming great friends (or maybe more, it was so cute how he went inside the book when he got embarrassed)!! The dice mechanic was a lot of fun and something I don't think I've seen before, it makes the story all the more uncertain, in a good way, keeps you guessing what could happen if you don't match or surpass the DC. 

I also liked the way you show how history is always written by the winners, which makes you question if those 'winners' were actually heroes or just happened to have better resources to come out victorious!

My only critique is in regards to the sprites. I think both the realistic ones (Mother and Old Lady) and the anime ones (Aurelia and Brother Lu) look really good but it looks a bit jarring when both styles are combined, so choosing one of the styles and sticking to it would make it stand out more imo.

Other than that I really enjoyed this little prologue, wish you all the best with the rest of the story!! ❤️ 

Oh my god, Mari Mel, you're a writing beast!! ❤😍

This is so good!! 💕

I really love the whole vibe of the game and how you can tell a great story with only one background and a few sprites!! The voice acting was amazing and I really liked the audio direction (both sounds and music)!! The characters feel really human when they talk, the dialogue feels very natural and plausible.

The twist at the end, aaadgbsdgj so worth it!! I was suspecting something but not everything it ended up being so it was pleasant surprise!!

Great job!!💕

Short and spooky 👀 Very nice! 

The art and UI are lovely and also very immersive! I loved how it changed whenever the characters were telling their scary stories & the way in which you name the MC! 


The sign of a time loop was a nice touch too! I'm just curious, is there a happy ending or is it supposed to be all spooky endings?

Whoops! I thought I was on my solo account when I wrote this, sorry about that! 

Aww Cinder is so cute!! 🥰 It was short and sweet, I really liked talking to her and the mini games were fun!

The endings were unexpectedly sad 😭

I can't wait to see more!! Really curious to see how different she'll be depending on what kind of companion you want her to be ❤️

The art and music were lovely too, thank you for making this game!!

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Oh my god the atmosphere in this gaaaame!! * chef kiss * It's so good with the backgrounds, sounds and creepy music that immerse you right in and just keep unsettling you more and more. The way the backgrounds would start distorting the colors the sicker Marlowe got was so terrifying as well, it made you feel her pain 😭 

I really liked the interpretation/symbolism of an amoeba being this manipulative, toxic boyfriend that won't leave you alone until you give him what he wants 🤯 It's really creative and, god, I felt so bad for Marlowe when he used her wish for a family against her 😭

Really spooky and cool horror game!! I hope I don't have nightmares about parasite amoeba boyfriends 😱       

Ah, yes, the Uguu Cage of Love 😂(😱)

This was cool! I really liked the mystery aspect of the story (and I swear the bed jump scare took 80 years out of my life 😱), especially the fact that the MC fought back, tried to escape and overall didn't stay still when Yuri did something to him 💪 

The twist was unexpected and gave me the chills 😱 but it was very interesting! 👀 

Nice work! ❤️ 

This was so much FUN!!! I lost count of all the times I laughed my ass off in the first part of the game 🤣 The fact that Hunar is writing the story and all the others complaining commenting about it makes it 100 times better!!

I have to say, the programming for this game was particularly amazing!! The way all the background cinematics played, the way the sprites moved, how the screen would shake at the right times, how there would be special effects when something went flying!! Gosh it was so cool!! It made the story much more alive and immersing, as if you were watching a dark fantasy romcom movie!! 💕❤️

The art, as always, was super charming and it was so nice to see the usual Our Wonderland storybook style!! The dialogues are awesome too, I just can't get enough of these characters!! Sure, Orlam is my personal favorite, but I just love them all to bits!! It's not easy to make characters have a very distinct way of speaking, but just as in Our Wonderland, this game did yet again!! So much so in fact that, if they didn't have sprites, you'd still just KNOW who is talking based on what they're saying and HOW they're saying it 🥰

The way the story took a dark turn in the second part was so cool too! The transition from comedy to horror-thriller is really well done, you are really good with pacing!! I also really liked the way you can tell whose route you got based on who disappears last at a certain scene.

Of course, I had to go through Orlam's route first 🤣 And there were no regrets whatsoever. Jfc, flirty/teasing characters are the death of me, I have such a bias, his lines give me lots of butterflies just like Iggy. I liked that he started off as a tsundere when you try to hug him but then he's like "well, well, well, it seems you like me more than you let on, cleric". Gosh, and I'm so happy he finally got a kiss CG, it made the journey all the more worth it 😭

I still have to finish the others' routes (really looking forward to them too cause I love everyone, and I love that Gidget is Ghent!! Trans rights yay!!) but I already love this so much, it's making me more excited to play Arc 5 of Our Wonderland when it comes out.

Great job, Carrot!! ❤️

The gaslighting and uncanny in this story are really well done, they gave me the chills 😱 I really liked how they were shown not only through the dialogue but also through the creepy music and the unease mechanic. Like something is not quite right, like something seems off. And, boy, it was off indeed 😱

I liked that, while this game is a horror one, it nonetheless lets you know that, inside the core of it all, there's a sad story. I hope Ayumu can get his happy ending! The way the true ending finished the case was a nice touch!

Very cool game! 

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Hehe, of course!! You're a great storyteller, I hope as many people as possible play your game and see how captivating it is!! ❤️ 

I also just finished all arcs!! And aaahhh I'm so excited for arc 5!!! Hope at least one of them has a happy ending, they suffered so much 😭

Honestly after arc 4 I was just like "why don't they do a poly already" 😂 the love triangle (love square??) is djshbgjshbg aaaahh!!! This is wishful thinking but I wish Genzou and Orlam would reconcile, I love Genzou but it hurts so much when he treats Orlam so badly ;___; babies why (Orlam is probably my favorite character but Iggy and Genzou are very close too!!). Also really excited to meet Ghent in your Spooktober game after seeing what happened in arc 4 with Gidget!!

Again, thank you so much for this gem, so excited for the conclusion!!! ❤️💕 

Btw, if it's alright to ask, I really like the music theme you used for whenever the rabbits appear! I was trying to see if I could find it but the game has a lot of music xD may I ask what theme it is and from which artist? 🙏 


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Jesus christ how come I haven't played this masterpiece until now?! I'm still on Arc 2 but I already love it so much!!! Definitely became one of my favorite indies ever. The characters??? Hello??? They have so much personality, interesting dynamics between them, they're morally grey, they're so human I can't even ksjgbksbgkr, I care for them so much. The story is super interesting, filled with mysteries and a really cool horror adaptation of what Wonderland looks like (and of course Orlam is the fucking king, I love it 😂). I'm just so over the moon with this game, the art is unique and cool, the story is just fantastic, the characters are really well explored, THERE'S EVEN GOOD ROMANCE WITH THAT SWEET SWEET SLOW BURN AND I CAN'T GET ENOUGH I'M SO INVESTED AAHHHH (I'M KINDA SHIPPING A LOT OF CHARACTERS TOGETHER DSBGJKB)!!! Thank you so much for making this game, I'm looking forward to seeing your Spooktober entry soon!! <3

That was so cute, I loved it!! ❤️

Cyrus is adorable 🥰 

They look so cute!! Really excited for Hu's route <3

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Haven't finished the game yet but omggggg BB IS BEST GIRL, ALL HAIL ACE QUEEN 😍😍😍❤❤❤

I love her so much, I want to give her lots of hugs and chaste kisses 😭😭😭💘💘💘

Her route was really good, I really liked her initial tsundere phase and how she slowly started getting more comfortable around the MC 🥰❤😍 

Also both her fox form and human form are so cuuuute ☺️💘😭

On another note, I think you portrayed the acephobia really well. I felt really sad for BB throughout the whole route. No matter how much you may think you know a person, it's really not okay to push your ideals on them. It made me really happy that one of the characters put that outloud and didn't excuse the ex's attitude.

Can't wait to play more!! ☺️❤

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I loved everything: the art, the music, the writing and especially the characters!!

It's really refreshing to see a romance visual novel story where the MC is just as important as the love interests and has their own goals. In fact, I loved how everyone seemed to have their own goals and nothing was forced.

The writing is amazing, I love how sarcastic and witty the MC is and how different they can be depending on the route. Keir seems like the type of guy who you want to punch in the face at first but then you realize he's a very kind soul who's doing what he can to survive. Cirrus... well, I certainly didn't think I would be so glued to the screen reading a bdsm relationship but I'm all here for it 🤣, and I can't wait for more!! 

 The world-building and the mystery is amazing too. I love this thing about everyone having to wear masks and how everything seems to have a past or a reason behind it. I'm looking forward to the new chapters!! ❤️ 

The amount of times I got butterflies from Micah is a crime skjgbksgbksjbgk


But seriously, this game is fantastic, Micah has a really charming personality. The banter with the MC was adorable, the art and music are top-notch and the writing feels super natural and makes me want to read more!!

Can't wait to see the Kickstarter campaign!! <3

Hi! Sorry for the late reply! There was a change of plans for this game, so it'll now be remade as a visual novel sometime, with some changes here and there, but under the name of FableNovel. We're planning to make a sort of prequel for the Spooktober jam this year. Right now we're working on another project, though.

Thank you for your interest! <3

Thank you so much for your sweet comment and your feedback!! I'm happy you enjoyed the story!! ❤️ 😊 

I had so much fun with this demo, it's so cute and funny!! I loved all 3 love interests (even Felix with his arrogance 😂 )!!

My favorite so far has to be Enoch. He's such a cinnamon roll, must protecc 😭 💘 

Looking forward to buying the full version!! 😊 

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Oh my gosh this brought back so many memories from when I read these greek myths at school!!

I love the way you made an otome game out of Odysseus and Penelope's story, it was so cute!! Also, gotta love the ducks 🦆  they were the real MVPs.

The extra that was unlocked at the end was really funny too!!

Awesome game, it was a lot of fun ❤️ 

This was so good!! The art is fantastic and the story had me on the edge of my seat. I love how you used alchemy in the story!!

PS: Mint is adorable, must protecc <3