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This game was really cool and kept me on the edge of my seat initially. The music on the title screen was perfectly reminiscent of Mad World in Donnie Darko, a wonderful movie sub-genre of Horror. I believe the cut scene before the title was very engaging as well. These elements really helped to create "hype" for the game.  It was very freaky and otherworldly. I did in fact enjoy my time spent in the game despite my end. I believe this game has a lot of potential. I myself found the horror after thirty minutes to degrade, i spent time going up and down the halls searching for the answer to no avail. This game has many elements of a horror game and does a superb job at delivering. It is in the gamer's point of lessened horror the experience begins to decline. Perhaps the answer was obvious and I could not see it through the grain, nonetheless you have done a really great job with this. Thank you so much for your perspective and creation for our enjoyment!

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Hello HaydenRaven,

Thank you very much for you playthrough, we are glad that you enjoyed the experience for the most part. The game while in the horror genre, has an emphasis on puzzles and figuring our how to progress, rather than jumpscares or more action oriented gameplay. If you would like a hint as to how to continue where you were at in the Hospital, I recommend going right when you exit the subway. You'll find an item that you need to progress through the hospital. If you do decide to continue the game, you will find hours of gameplay ahead of you.

Thanks again,

- T Allen Studios & Studio Snowspot

EDIT: Also, you will at times have to back track in the game. Think of the environment more like an open world as opposed to a sequence of levels that you complete and move on.